Fear the Walking Dead: Sherry’s Return Explained


This Fear the Walking Dead article contains spoilers.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 delivered its first big reveal of the season at the very end of “Alaska.” After months of searching for his long lost wife, Dwight finally reunited with Sherry (Christine Evangelista) in a surprising manner, connecting via walkie basically out of nowhere. Whatever you might think of the way the reunion was executed — I found the matter-of-fact way Dwight ran into Sherry to be a bit underwhelming — this cliffhanger ending marks a major milestone in Dwight’s story of love lost. Now reunited with Sherry, perhaps the former Saviors can finally begin to do what Morgan begged that they do at the end of season 5: live.

But where has Sherry been all of this time? In case you don’t remember, she’s been missing since The Walking Dead season 7 episode “Hostiles and Calamities.” After freeing Daryl from his cell in the Sanctuary, Sherry fled the Savior compound, deciding that she’d rather try and make it on her own than live under Negan’s cruel rule. Sent out to hunt her down, Dwight, then one of Negan’s main lieutenants, ended up covering for her when he found a farewell note from Sherry and her wedding ring in an old house. Rather than give chase, Dwight lied to Negan, telling him that Sherry had been devoured by walkers so that the Savior leader would stop searching for the traitor who’d freed his most precious prize.

While Dwight didn’t immediately set out looking for Sherry, a bit distracted by the all out war being fought between Negan and Rick Grimes, he did eventually leave Virginia to go find her. (It’s more like Daryl banished him for his past crimes, including the murder of Denise.) The trail led Dwight to the South and the world of Fear the Walking Dead, running into John Dorie and June at Humbug’s Gulch in season 5. This whole time, Dwight has been following notes and symbols from Sherry, who’s marked her path for her husband to find.

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