Fortnite: New Patch Points to Impending Arrival of Comet

The latest Fortnite patch raises more questions about the mysterious blue comet in the game’s sky. Along with the usual gameplay improvements, the latest Fortnite update adds even more comet related paraphernalia to the game. The rooftops of some of Tilted Towers’ buildings are decorated with telescopes, signs written in crayon which seem to herald the arrival of the comet, and even a sign featuring the word “Today” crossed out and replaced by “Tomorrow.” That last one is especially juicy as there’s another Fortnite patch coming out in a couple of days. That patch has been datamined and seems to feature quite a bit of code related to the comet. 

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If you’re just now catching up on this story, then you should first know that a mysterious blue comet first appeared in Fortnite‘s skies a few weeks ago. At the time, the popular theory is that it signaled the start of an upcoming in-game event. However, as things have developed, it seems that the comet instead relates to something more specific. 

The popular theory at the moment is that the comet is going to destroy some area on the Fortnite map when it lands. Many fans suspect that it will hit the Tilted Towers area. The very simple reason that is the case has something to do with the fact that a large chunk of Fortnite‘s fanbase adamantly dislikes the Tilted Towers section of the battle royale map. In fact, a recent player initiative asked everyone to band together in order to destroy the Tilted Towers area themselves. Naturally, trolls appeared and started to kill everybody to ruin their fun, but the incident still showcased just how despised the area is. 

Recent events, like the game’s latest patch, have some people convinced that the destruction of Tilted Towers is more than wishful thinking. Fans have spotted several changes in the Tilted Towers’ area since the comet first appeared in the sky. It also seems that Epic has focused on the town quite a bit since then. If this comet isn’t set to destroy the town, Epic is doing a fine job of convincing players that it will. 

If nothing else, this comet is a great indication of just how popular Fortnite really is. In any other game, a visual feature like that may have gone overlooked or otherwise wouldn’t have inspired more than a curious glance. However, since Fortnite is the most popular game in the world, the comet has become the centerpiece for a mass investigation despite the fact that it’s done nothing but exist so far. 

Here’s hoping that the comet makes an appropriate impact if and when it lands on the map. 

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