Fortnite Players React to Playground Getting Disabled

Slide 1 of 5Fortnite Players Weren’t Fast Enough

In some of the more gentler replies to the situation, players couldn’t help but poke fun at the brief duration that the Playground LTM was available. Epic Games announced that it was enabled early in the morning at the same time that patches are always deployed, but not even two hours later, it was disabled. If you didn’t get in any Playground time during that short window, you’ll just have to be quicker next time.

Slide 2 of 5Never Even Had a Chance

In the same vein as joking about how brief it was, more than a few Fortnite players said that they never even had a chance to try out the mode. With how short of a time it was enabled and considering how early it was, it’s not hard to believe that many people either woke up or came back from work only to be met with a stunning lack of Playground in their Fortnite games.

Slide 3 of 5Quitting Fortnite? Not Likely

Whether a ploy to get some quick-and-easy Twitter interactions or a promise that they actually plan on fulfilling, some players even went as far as suggesting that they’d stop playing Fortnite if the Playground mode doesn’t come back in a reasonable time. It’s definitely not coming back tonight, so who knows if these players will actually follow through with the plan, but we imagine they’ll be right there with everyone else on the Playground whenever it’s enabled once again.

Slide 4 of 5Asking for More Time

Regardless of when Playground comes back, there’s still one thing that holds true according to Epic Games’ previous statements: It’s a Limited Time Mode. This means that while there will be a time when it’s reenabled, there’s also a time that it’ll be taken away again.

Players asking to make the mode permanent is nothing new, but there are some who pose the valid question of whether or not it’ll be extended in light of the delays. Epic Games hasn’t commented on such an extension yet, but it’ll likely be addressed at a later date.

Slide 5 of 5In Defense of Epic Games

Throughout all the inevitable reactions that happen anytime a developer announces some bad news, you can always bet that there will be those who stand by the game creators and tell everyone to chill out. They showed up for this announcement as well to remind everyone that Playground will be ready when it’s ready and urged everyone to give Epic Games time to get Playground up and running in the best way possible.

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