‘Fortnite’ Streaming Star Ninja Sounds Off On ‘Venom’

Ever since his all-star gaming session with Drake earlier this year, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has become one of Twitch’s biggest stars, mainly due to his incredible skills in Fortnite. But fans are appreciating his other thoughts as well, as he recently sounded off on his thoughts of Sony’s recent comic book film, Venom.

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He took to Twitter earlier this week to confirm that he saw the film, and really enjoyed it. “Venom was amazing,” he said. And it appears that a lot of people are in agreement.

In fact, his comment even went as far as to get fans to post some interesting responses, which you can see below.

The movie took quite a shellacking from critics and currently sits at 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, lower than the usual Spider-Man films. However, it’s become a smash hit with audiences, who pushed it past $80 million this weekend, making it a bonafide hit. It’s likely to continue this box office success in the weeks ahead — especially with Ninja fans, it seems.

As for what Blevins will be doing next, he’s got some plans for TwitchCon in just a few weeks, where he’ll be teaming up with Hershey’s for a big reveal, along with engaging in other activities. Oh, and he’ll probably show up at Fortnite Hall at some point. Just because.

Venom is in theaters now — and it’s not nearly as bad as some critics let on. (Provided you go in with the right frame of mind.)

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