Fortnite’s Success May Inspire Similar Activision Games in the Future

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick took some time during a recent investor’s call to praise the success of Fortnite

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“When we see people innovate in an interesting and impactful way, we are very quick to figure out how to capture inspiration from innovation,” said Kotick. “When we see things that appeal to our audiences, we are very good at being inspired by those.”

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When he wasn’t taking the time to prepare the world for Activision’s inevitable battle royale rip-off…err…inspired original release, Kotick noted that he’s impressed with the diverse group of gamers that Fortnite has attracted and suggested that he hopes Activision can create something that is able to appeal to such a wide demographic. 

At this time, it’s not quite clear whether Activision is working on an entirely new battle royale project of their own or whether they are simply thinking of adding such a mode to one of their existing properties. If it’s the latter, then the smart money is on Black Ops IV which will supposedly release sometime later this year. 

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Actually, Collister Johnson, Activision’s president and COO, took some time during that same investor’s call to share a few kind words about Black Ops developer Treyarch. 

“And so that’s the third main area, is the confidence we have in Treyarch and their ability to execute on their creative vision,” said Johnson. “It’s an incredible developer with a deep understanding of the community and the first-person genre, but also a real proven track record of innovation, including Zombies and multiple multi-player innovations that have really transformed the industry.”

While that doesn’t give us any indication that Black Ops IV will feature a battle royale mode, we have no doubt that Activision will release some kind of game that features that mode sometime later this year. After all, Fortnite reportedly generated over $200 million in revenue during March alone. There’s no way that Activision is going to be able to resist getting a slice of that pie. 

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