G Herbo Continues To Give Back To Chicago Through His Old Southside School He Helped Purchase To Turn Into A Youth Center


TSR Positive Images: G Herbo has been consistently showing love to the city he grew up in with his recent investments.

Back in 2018, Herbo helped purchase his old elementary school, which was shut down back in 2013 as part of a wave of public school closings. Herbo was part of a project that helped turn Overton Elementary School into a youth center that also serves as a media lab and music incubator for the kids.

On Saturday, Herbo linked up with fellow Chicago rappers Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa to do a back to school drive and a peace walk with the kids.

Herbo affectionately captioned the event, “Make the hood great again.” Chance The Rapper also shared footage from the event, where he and his fellow Chicago natives gave away free school supplies and shoes.

The rappers also used the space to do free covid testing and register people to vote.

We applaud Herb, Chance and Vic for their unity and their dedication to making their hometown a better place.

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