Game Of Thrones: After all were not recorded several closings

Casey Bloys, head of state of HBO, ” which was simply recorded a finishing for the collection, which he had ‘lied’ when he said that they would be filmed multiple endings, to make sure that not also the actors understood that would certainly think the throne prior to the transmission of the last episode.

Now, Bloys recommends that these declarations were made to deceive the followers as well as protect against the leakage of the ending.

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“In fact, I think not filmed multiple endings,” he stated to Deadline. “But why the circular was not that bad, to guard against leaks. There was always that doubt because he never gives to be absolutely sure.”

The leader of HBO stated that it never ever reviewed different end with the showrunners David Benioff as well as DB Weiss:

“They are very smart, very methodical. There is much that had it in the head. So there was not much debate on the subject, if it had to end this way and not baked, this is what they have planned.”

Abílio Rodrigues [of Rivia] is the editor of the innovation of IGN Portugal, admitted enthusiast of songs as well as a lover of video gaming on the COMPUTER. You can follow him at @KaikaneTR

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