Game of Thrones subreddits the most popular subreddits of 2019


Reddit has released its annual Year in Review report, and it’s full of fun facts to know and tell. The year’s most upvoted post was a picture of the infamous 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the most upvoted AMA was for Bill Gates (second was Cookie Monster), and apparently feuds between beauty bloggers is really good for increasing readership.

But for out purposes, the most interesting story is about TV reddit. What television-related subreddits were most active in 2019? Check out the top 10 list below:

  1. r/freefolk
  2. r/gameofthrones
  3. r/thebachelor
  4. r/rupaulsdragrace
  5. r/bigbrother
  6. r/90dayfiance
  7. r/teenmomogandteenmom2
  8. r/dundermifflin
  9. r/survivor
  10. r/bravorealhousewives

Yup, the top two TV Reddits of the year were both Game of Thrones-related. As you may know, r/freefolk is famous for its take-no-s**t attitude, whether that means spoiling the show or, as season 8 went on, viciously hating on it and its producers. Personally, I think it’s a bit much, but I’m not gonna act like their passion isn’t impressive, or that they’re not funny:

Meanwhile, r/gameofthrones is a bit calmer, although no less impressive.

I would never use those pencils for fear of blunting their beauty. Those are tremendous.

Congrats to both subreddits. The discourse was fiery this year. That it was.

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