Hate running? 6 tricks that promise to help


The race is about sports with more love-hate relationships, but for health, it’s better to enjoy a run.
They are only a few meters, a kilometer, five kilometers, ten kilometers, a half-marathon, a marathon-it does not matter. Running is good for the body and mind and this is one of the health activities with the most health benefits and can act as a protective shield in the long run.

Despite all the benefits associated with running, many people continue to flee seven feet from the activity, either because they find it difficult or even boring. But running is good and we have to take advantage of it – since there are few activities that offer so many benefits from a single settler.

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To make life easier for those who do not die of love for the race, the Buena Vida website of the Spanish newspaper El Pais listed the best tricks to move from a hate relationship to a love relationship (which turns out to be almost always eternal). Here’s what to keep in mind:

1 – List all the reasons why you do not like to run and find a way to overcome them;

2. Draw realistic goals and commit yourself to achieving them;

3 – Learn to breathe, because bad breath can make the first few kilometers a real martyrdom. The ideal, explains the Spanish athlete Chema Martínez, is to breathe through the mouth and exhale through the nose when you are at a great speed and do the reverse when you are in a more moderate activity;

4 – Eat well and drink plenty of water, so that you have enough energy for the race;

5 – Align the (still) unloved race to strength training, a strategy that promotes muscle building and allows not only to be ‘destined’ for an activity that still does not die of love;

6 – Learn to appreciate the good moments and enjoy what the race offers, be it the sunrise, the view to the sea, the companionship of the unknown runners, etc.

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