Hidden Secrets in Disney’s Original 1998 Mulan


While they’re not involved in the new Mulan remake, Bancroft is happy that the 2020 version isn’t a carbon copy of the original, and loves that above all, it shows a girl who wants to bring honor to her family and protect her father.

A bit of a coincidence

The software that the animators used to create the incredible avalanche that Mulan brought down, killing just under 4,000 Hun warriors, and leaving only 6 survivors, was called Atilla. Sounds like a coincidence? Well, yes and no. Although Atilla the Hun was the ruler of the Huns for nearly 10 years, Shan Yu is not based on him! Attila’s many armies didn’t invade the Northern Wei territory, so Shan Yu’s army is most likely based on the Xiongnu Nomads who fought a lot with the Han dynasty in China during the third century onwards

Women are pretty badass

The film makes us believe that it’s a huge shock for a woman to be a warrior, but actually, Hun armies often had women amongst them. Maybe that’s why Shan Yu doesn’t seem all that surprised when he finds out Mulan is a girl at the end of the film.

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