Horrific Moment Man Is Shot in Head on Facebook Live While Playing With Gun

A Texas man was shot in the head as his friends toyed with a gun in a car during a Facebook Live video.

Devyn Holmes, 26, of Houston, Texas, is on life support after the Easter Sunday shooting that occurred while he was sitting with friends in the parking lot of a Valero gas station, local station Click 2 Houston reports.

According to authorities, Holmes was in the vehicle in the early morning hours on Sunday, April 1, with Cassandra Damper, 25, and another man who has not been named. Holmes and Damper were reportedly playing with two handguns when one accidentally fired, striking Holmes in the head and seriously injuring him.

The shooting, and the moments before the shooting, were captured on video that originally appeared on Facebook but has since made it to Instagram. In the video, Holmes is seen wearing a white shirt as he speaks to the two other passengers in the vehicle. At one point during the video, Damper is seen pointing the gun at the camera.

“You’re making me nervous,” Holmes can be heard saying in an edited video circulating online.

Holmes is seen in the footage attempting to stop the woman from waving the gun around.

“It ain’t got no clip, bud,” the other man in the car is heard saying.

Just seconds later, the gun fired and struck the 26-year-old, his body slumping over and blood becoming visible on his white t-shirt.

The video has since been edited and does not show the moment Holmes is shot.

Holmes was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where he remains on life support in critical condition, according to police.

Damper, who allegedly attempted to wipe off the gun residue on her hands, reportedly told police that she was unaware that the handgun had been loaded. She has since been arrested and charged with tampering or fabricating of evidence.

The other man in the vehicle has not been charged.

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