How Adam Sandler knows if he made a good movie or not


Adam Sandler, who currently makes films exclusively for Netflix, recently discussed how he perceives whether his film is good or bad.

During The Dan Patrick Show, Sandler explained that he can see through the vibes he receives from his fans. Obviously Netflix has its own metrics to understand whether the film was a success or not, but the actor perceives it in a more personal way.

“I just know,” began the actor. “I feel something. When I hit, I walk differently. I feel better bones, I hear better, I respond better to ‘Hey Sandman’ when I go out on the street. I say, ‘Hey, how are you?’ well, I feel the bones are dead, I am crestfallen, I hear ‘Hey Sandman’ and I try to avoid contact. Hubie is a success! “

Adam Sandler recently debuted a new movie on Netflix, entitled Hubie Halloween. This is at the top of the most viewed movies in the past few days on the streaming platform.

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