How Dickinson’s Story of Creative Isolation Hits Different During Quarantine


Like many TV exhibits launched previously 12 months, Dickinson Season 2 was written and filmed earlier than the world took a tough left, abruptly and wholly altering our international established order. In that method, Dickinson, which tells a fancy, usually joyous story about one of America’s most well-known homebodies, is an unexpectedly related parallel.

“If people haven’t felt or didn’t feel like they could relate to Emily in Season 1, maybe they can now after having lived a very similar lifestyle to her in isolation,” says star Hailee Steinfeld, who performs younger, passionate poet Emily Dickinson. “This is a show about her dealing with the struggle of remaining creative and feeling free when you’re confined to your bedroom, or your apartment, or your house and feeling unseen and unheard by the people who are closest to you.”

In Season 1, Emily’s life in nineteenth century Amherst, Massachusetts could have felt comparatively small (although by no means boring or with out inventive inspiration). In Season 2, as many individuals watch quarantined inside their properties or flats, a visit to the opera or a salon at Sue and Austin’s home appear positively unique, an indication of simply how a lot has modified in our actual world within the hiatus between Seasons 1 and a couple of. With that real-world shift, Dickinson’s thematic exploration of creativity in relation to isolation, loneliness, and a geographically-confined life turns into much more highly effective. 

“Fundamentally this, this show is about not seeing Emily Dickinson as a victim,” says showrunner Alena Smith, “and, in fact, seeing that she’s a person who, within constructed circumstances, took every scrap of agency that she had and built this tremendous body of work that, actually, she really believed in.” 

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