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The modern marriage faces many challenges that couples in the past never had to experience. Today, most couples in married households have two working parents who face work demands over 40 hours a week on top of additional commitments to their children’s extracurricular activities. Toss in the “hustle culture” work mentality, a reduction in extended family help, and the prevalence of mobile dating apps that constantly provide temptation, and it is easy to see the ingredients for infidelity. Although the reasons why husbands cheat are different in each marriage, the way women are catching these unfaithful men is the same: GPS tracking.

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Women who have strong suspicions that their husbands are involved in an affair eventually come across spouse GPS trackers designed to bust a cheater. But what is a GPS tracker, and how does the vehicle tracking technology help you in catching your husband with another woman?

GPS tracking devices are small, portable systems that are designed to be hidden inside or outside of a husband’s car. Many spouse GPS tracking devices are engineered to be waterproof and with exterior magnetic mounts so any concerned wife can easily attach the tracker underneath her husband’s vehicle. The sophisticated automobile surveillance systems allow a wife to use her iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer to track her husband’s car in real-time. No monthly fee GPS tracking options are also available for women who have constant access to their husband’s vehicles and can manually remove the tracker to download driving activity.

Signs Your Husband Might Be Cheating

  • Intimacy has gone away
  • He is bringing his cell phone with him everywhere he goes
  • Your husband mentions another woman frequently
  • He is going to the gym more often
  • He begins to provide short one-word answers to questions
  • He has new interests in things that do not involve you
  • Work obligations seem to take more and more of his time
  • He does not go to bed at the same time as you go to bed

Is My Husband Cheating

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When a woman begins to suspect her husband might be having an affair, the very first thing she needs to do is determine if her suspicions are valid. This is how technology can help any woman concerned her man might be cheating. Most men are fairly protective of their cell phones, so scrolling through social media profiles and reading text messages might not be an option for many women. GPS tracking devices can help bridge that gap of unknown behavior because the vehicle management technology can record every address a husband went, how long he was at each location, and so much more. This allows a woman to validate any claims her husband has made about where he was at throughout the day.

According to the vehicle surveillance experts at Tracking System Direct, the 7 best GPS car tracker for cheating spouse are:

  1. Plug & Play GPS Tracker
  2. FlashBack GPS
  3. Real-Time GPS Combo Pack 2020
  4. SilverCloud Overdrive
  5. Driving Activity Reporter
  6. GPS Spouse Tracker (SpaceHawk)
  7. Sync Car Tracker

Real-time GPS trackers will cost around $89.00-$299.00 and will require a monthly subscription that can range between $14.95 and $34.95, depending on the data plan the person selects. Service plans are month-to-month, so as soon as a woman finds out her husband is cheating, she can quickly cancel service without any termination fees.

For women who might be concerned a monthly fee on their credit card statement could draw red flags, GPS data loggers are a great option because they require no monthly fees. However, it is important to know the data from a logger is not real-time. To access information from a GPS data logger, a woman will need to remove the tracker from her husband’s vehicle and download the data via USB port to see everywhere he has been. The great thing about GPS data loggers is that they track every single second, and they do not require any cell coverage!

Where Would You Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car?

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Once a woman is convinced her husband might be cheating and has made the decision to invest in a spouse GPS tracker, the next big question is, where do you hide a GPS tracker? Some car trackers require installation or connection to the OBD2 port so they can pull power from the target automobile, but many functions as portable, self-contained solutions. Since most spouse GPS tracking devices are designed in this fashion, we will focus on where to hide those devices. The most popular places women hide GPS trackers in their husband’s vehicle include the glovebox, underneath a seat, inside the center console, stuffed between a seat, or underneath the automobile. The best part is that the trackers have no identifying information and can’t be traced back to the person who purchased the product even if the cheating husband discovers the device.

Spouse GPS tracking devices provide information such as howling a husband was at a particular location (address included), every location they stopped, the length of time of each stop, and more. They are also small, portable, and very easy to use, making them one of the best forms of technology to determine what a man is doing. There truly is no better solution on the market to help a woman discover if her husband is cheating than a spouse GPS tracking device.

If you believe your husband was having an affair with another woman, would you feel comfortable investing in a car GPS tracking system to record everywhere he went?

Legal Disclaimer: GPS tracking devices should not be used to violate the rights of other people. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a spouse GPS tracker to find out if your husband is cheating, please contact a local attorney in your state or county to determine what the appropriate and legal use of any vehicle tracking device.

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