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Waterproof dog beds are life savers if your canine friend is having a problem with holding his bladder. Because they can be protected against any liquid going into the bed, which saves the dog owner from serious cleaning work. But how do you make it for your pup?

If you think that DIYing a waterproof dog bed might be hard, but not an impossible one, you are right! It is very easy. However, buying it right from the start would cost less money and effort for pet parents. If you are planning to buy a new one, make sure that you purchase a waterproof one.

Waterproof dog beds are great if your dog cannot hold his urine or get sick for a while. It is also a great way of preventing the bed from getting wet after a walk in the rain with your dog because all of these scenarios would require the bed of your dog to be washed entirely.

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Now, let’s see how to transform a regular one into a waterproof one.

First of all, the bed you will be waterproofing needs to be completely clean and dry. Make sure that you wash the entire bed before attempting anything related to making a regular bed waterproof. If the bed is not clean, you will need to wash the cover or the entire thing in the machine.

Make sure that every part of the dog bed is completely clean before waterproofing your it. Bin liners are very cheap and a great solution for making anything waterproof. Plus, you probably have one already in your home to save the visit to a convenience store.

Bin liners are a great solution for waterproofing a dog bed for a tail-wagger with incontinence. You need to wrap it around the foam and cover it completely with tape and you are done! If you do not have any bin liners, you can use any plastic bag, and it will work wonders for making a one.


You can place the plastic-covered foam into the cover of it. If your pooch has incontinence issues and makes a mess regularly, you will only need to wash the cover from now on. If you think you need to replace the bin liner every time your dog urinates or wets the bed, there is no problem with doing so.

If the resting place your pooch uses is a small one or if you have a raincoat big enough for covering an entire bed, you can use an old raincoat for making the regular one a waterproof one. You simply need to repeat the steps we have explained and used a waterproof raincoat instead.

At this point, anything that is waterproof can be used when wrapping the foam of the dog bed. Use your creativity if bin liners do not work.

However, this procedure costs more money and effort. This problem can be solved by buying one.

You Can Buy One for Your Pooch

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We are sure that any pet parent has experienced the infamous accidents related to pups’ incontinence issues. These accidents can occur, especially among senior dogs and puppies. They are normal but can also be a little bit annoying for the pet parent.

That is why it is a great idea to buy one if your pup cannot hold his bladder for a long period of time. Buying a waterproof dog bed is also a perfect option if you are sick of cleaning your tail-waggers resting place every time a liquid type goes into it. Check out this article if you want to see the best waterproof dog beds in the market.

We can guarantee that buying one will save you money and energy rather than build your own. For both old pups and newborns, it is essential not to guess when a pee accident can occur.

However, there are lots of options in the market, and it might be a tough choice when you are bombarded with lots of good deals and quality features. For most of the market options, there is a waterproof liner used in the products, similar to the bin liner we recommend using for waterproofing your regular one.

Why Do Dogs Need Waterproof Dog Bed?

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The main reason why they emerged is that our loyal companions can have incontinence issues. As most pet owners are very familiar with finding their dog’s bed smell bad when they come home from work, buying, or DIYing, a waterproof dog bed became an essential requirement.

That is why you should prioritize buying a one that has waterproof quality. Most of the products in the market come with very fluffy filling options that are both durable and comfortable.

Another beneficiary aspect of needing a waterproof dog bed for your pup is that it will save you time. Because most they have washable covers, or they are made entirely machine washable. That saves a lot of time and energy if you do not already know.

Conclusi̇on: How Do You Make Waterproof Dog Bed?

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Transforming a regular dog bed into a waterproof one can be quite easy and fun if you have nothing to do in quarantine. It is also a great idea if you are sick of washing your pup’s place every time an accident happens.

To transform your dog into a waterproof one, you need some bin liners, as we have explained above. Make sure that you wash and clean the bed properly without doing anything else on it.

As a friendly reminder, we want to mention that buying one with a waterproof feature will save you a lot of time and energy. Because even though you are DIYing it, you have to replace the plastic that you have wrapped around the foam once in a while.

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