How Gigabyte’s New AORUS 15G and 15P Laptops Deliver the Ultimate Gaming Experience


The tech company even consulted the incredibly talented G2 Esports team along the way. Yes, that’s the same G2 Esports team which is currently the CS:GO world champion, so it’s fair to say they know what players want out of a gaming laptop. Tested and put through the ringer by these esports pros, the AORUS 15G and 15P delivered everything the G2 players were looking for: powerful CPU and GPU, excellent cooling, a high-quality mechanical keyboard, a high refresh rate display, and portability. 

The fact is, whichever configuration you opt for, the result is a set of laptops that offers comfortable portability, eye catching style, and top-tier performance. That’s quite a big deal: often with gaming laptops, you have to pick two of the three. Meanwhile, Gigabyte is determined to give players everything they need right out of the box.

So how has Gigabyte done it? Well, let’s start with the quality of components involved. The new AORUS 15G and 15P gaming laptops are equipped with the latest, 10th-Gen Intel Core i7 processors, working hand-in-hand with NVIDIA’s high-end RTX-20 series GPUs. Not only are these graphics cards known for pumping out the polygons, they’re also capable of pushing fancy ray tracing effects on supported games like Control and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Here every beam of light is accurately mapped for more realism than ever before.

Read More About the Gigabyte AUROS 15G and 15P Here

If you can practically feel the heat generated just by reading that sentence, then rest assured Gigabyte has thought of this! Both the 15P and 15G come equipped with the company’s Windforce infinity cooling technology, with independent air vents for the processor and GPU, to ensure cooling efficiency is increased by up to 30% with no performance throttling. Don’t expect these laptops to overheat.

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