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What are the things you want to obtain in life? Have you gotten them yet? And how determined are you to get them? Did you know that there is a way where you could be able to attract the things you like?

This is called Manifestation, where it is believed that like attracts like, and it is your energy that will help you get anything you desire in life as long as it is feasibly obtainable. Here’s how and why you should practice Manifestation and integrate it into your everyday life.

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What Is Manifestation?

The idea of Manifestation belongs to the law of attraction, which is the idea of being able to attract in our lives whatever we dream or focus on. It relies on the mind, which helps envision your desires into reality.

The law of attraction became popular when Rhonda Byrne wrote her book The Secret in 2006. The book’s content is based on the law of attraction and has sold over 30 million copies. It was since then that many people have been practicing it, including celebrities.

The law of attraction primarily works just like the concept of Karma, wherein the state of actions you do will influence what happens to you in the future. If you think positive thoughts about your desires, then it will materialize into reality. Your faith that what you want will come to you will be the critical factor in coming to fruition.

One of the tenets of the law of attraction is Manifestation. According to Moderndaymanifestations, the concept of Manifestation is quite different from the attraction in general. While the law of attraction aims to attract something, Manifestation aims to create something. It attributes to something that does not exist yet. Therefore, you manifest what you want out of nothing.

How does Manifestation work?

There are five steps you can do to manifest easily. These steps are:

1. Choose What to Manifest

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What is it that you wish? Make something specific. As for beginners, you can begin with one thing. It would help if you were carefully specific about what you choose to manifest so you can connect with the universe.

This is important because being indecisive can make the universe interpret an entirely different frequency than yours and send you something else instead. To help you decide, you can write a list of the things you want, and choose from there. Some of the things people would usually ask for are money, love, and happiness.

2. Visualize

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To visualize means to daydream, imagine what it would be like to have your desire manifested. Fantasize. Think about the happiest of scenarios that you can think of. Be lost in them. Feel the happiness and positive energy from these daydreams. Be confident that one day, what you ask for will turn into reality. Fill your imagination with positive thoughts.

When visualizing, do not stress over whether you could get what you want or not. You may also look for more ways to visualize, such as meditation, guided hypnosis, and vision boarding.

3. Create Your Affirmations

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Affirmations are positive statements. You shouldn’t just visualize how your life will be like when you have the one thing you desire. You have to be affirmative that you will manifest it. You have to feel sure deep within you that your dream is achievable.

This step will help you get a very positive outlook and connect you with what you want to manifest. You may either speak these affirmations aloud like a mantra or repeat them in your mind. Remember, the affirmation is always positive.

4. Take Inspired Action

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To take action means doing what you feel like you need to do to achieve your dream. Now that you have aligned yourself with what you want to manifest, you will have to do the needed deed.

This refers to physical actions. These actions are often driven by intuition or gut feeling. Of course, while you are out doing what you need to do, keep a positive outlook. Always think that you are doing your actions to manifest your dreams into reality.

5. Recognize the Signs

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This step is purely gut feeling. At this point, you have now connected with the universe, as well as what you want to manifest. All you have to do is just to be a bit aware of your environment.

You will be sent a sign- an affirmation that things are going smoothly for you and that you will finally be able to manifest your desire. The sign may be conversations, images, and even from a voice inside your mind. This step takes patience and a strong intuition. Don’t force a sign. You will be able to manifest in due time.

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Why practice Manifestation?

For starters, the main reason as to why people manifest in the first place is because they want to get what they have always dreamed about. We have dreams and wishes, and we want them all to come true.

Besides this, however, there is another good reason as to why we should practice Manifestation, and that is having a positive outlook in life. Manifesting makes a big deal out of thinking positively, and it not only helps with getting what we want, but it also helps us with our everyday stress and troubles. Having a positive and sound mind can help conquer our anxieties and produce a way to get through the day, whether we are manifesting or not.


Manifestation is part of a trend practiced all around the world, and for a good reason, too. Not only does it help us get what we desire, but it also helps us obtain the passion and drive that we need to conquer everyday life. The only thing you need to do is to believe in yourself, and good things will come to you.

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