How NordVPN Offers a No Compromise Gaming Experience


Speed is hardly the only thing that NordVPN offers gamers, though. As we said earlier, the primary draw of a VPN is the extra security it provides. While we usually talk about those security benefits in terms of protecting you while you browse the internet, you’re also at risk when you game without a VPN service.

Consider DDoS attacks. In recent years, more and more hackers have used DDoS attacks to either crush a game’s servers or even target the connections of individual players. DDoS attacks can not only slow down your connection speed, but they can even crash your ability to connect to a game at all.

That is where NordVPN comes to the rescue. The nature of a DDoS attack means that someone is trying to overwhelm an IP address. Well, VPNs not only make it incredibly difficult to target and identify your IP address, but they make it incredibly easy to bounce between IP addresses should you need to do so. While nobody can promise total DDoS protection, the very nature of a VPN service like NordVPN means that it significantly reduces your exposure.

The security NordVPN offers isn’t just about protecting your connection, though. It can also prevent potentially catastrophic experiences.

Recently, a friend of mine who plays World of Warcraft had his login information stolen. Not only was he not able to play the game (and had to miss out on long-awaited group events) while his case was being investigated, but there was a chance that he’d lose the character he’d worked so hard on because of a security shortcoming.

Thankfully, he was able to get his account restored in full, but a service like NordVPN could have protected him from this in the first place, saving him from days of stress and hassle as well as the potentially tragic loss of his World of Warcraft character as well as everything he’d accomplished.

It’s the same situation with any other game. Imagine being banned for days from Call of Duty or Fortnite and not being able to play with your friends or potentially losing your Overwatch progress over a security breach. The military-grade encryption offered by NordVPN ensures that this potential problem you may have had nightmares about in the past is something you don’t really have to think about when you’re just trying to have fun.

And that’s the heart of why we recommend NordVPN to you. If this were a VPN service that slowed you down but offered enhanced security, we might still say “the extra security is worth the sacrifice.” If this were a VPN service that offered faster speeds but slightly less security, we’d probably say “it’s not much, but every little bit helps.”

But NordVPN doesn’t force you to make any sacrifices. NordVPN offers a security service that is as necessary as ever before and at speeds that essentially guarantee the preservation of the kind of gaming and browsing experience that you’re trying to protect in the first place. This isn’t about sacrifice or settling. NordVPN is as much a part of the ideal modern gaming experience as the most powerful GPU or the fastest CPU.

Be sure to check out the various price plans the service offers, including their very generous 70% discount on a 3-year plan at just $3.49 per month. If you’re interested in learning more about how NordVPN can improve the way you play, you can visit this helpful guide.

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