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Digital technology has been evolving our lives for decades now. It has made its presence to be felt in almost every sphere of our lives. Even 20 years back, no one would have guessed how strong of an influence it will be in our romantic gateways. But, in a sense, it is also not that surprising if you were following the trends. For instance, digitalization has changed the way we have been interacting with people on a social level for many years now. What started with e-mail evolved into MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, it is not surprising that our courtship ways have been altered by digital technology. Besides, it has made it convenient as well. Take, for example, how Dating Blush works. With the help of technology and the website, you can find your suitable date based on whatever orientation and preferences you can think of. So, it has taken over the traditional form of dating.

However, quantitative changes do not always confirm qualitative changes. Has the attitude of the general public towards dating improved from where it was when it started? Has it made us more complacent towards the whole process of dating? Has online dating been a success or failure? We answer these questions in our today’s research. So, be with us.

Online Dating Relationships – A Success or Failure?

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This is not a black and white question that has a binary answer. Many layers of complexities are associated with the world of dating, let alone online dating. Opinions may vary from person to person and culture to culture. Also, what are success and failure, anyway? How do you measure success? Do you do it by figuring out how popular it has become or counting the number of successful long-term relationships that have come out of online dating?

Whatever your concerns are, we hope taking a look at certain figures would help you. This is why we have to rely on the numbers game.

The Shift in Attitude towards Online Dating From Then to Now

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The outlook towards online dating and dating apps/websites has turned more favorable with time. According to a Pew Research Centre study, only 44% of the Americans viewed online dating as favorable back in 2005. A majority of the respondents at that time thought that it is a weaker replacement for building strong, long-lasting relationships in the ‘real’ world.

However, when the same study was conducted ten years later in 2015, there was a steep rise in the number of respondents that viewed online dating as favorable as the numbers rose from 44% to 59%.

Well, this also has to do with how well accessible gadgets and technology has become now. People rely on digitalization to shop for their favorite items of clothing and playing virtual games, but they are also using it to get validation from others when it comes to their personal lives and relationship statuses.

Spoilt For Choices?

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Online dating has made it possible for people to reach out to a much wider audience than they probably would have in the real world, but they can also make their searches more personalized. This has ensured that people get a more niche and nuanced target group.

Some may argue that this has made people get spoilt for choices. For instance, when you go to the departmental stores for buying shampoo, you are presented with a dozen brands, and within those brands, you will get shampoos for different hair types. And it doesn’t end there; you will also get to choose the shampoo’s flavor variant. Although it can be seen as a great way to have lots of options, some would feel that this only adds to the confusion. So, this is extremely subjective.

Another aspect that plays a factor here is the never-ending option of potential partners. People who find partners through online dating often go through the “what if” scenario. This means that even when they are with someone, they would probably question whether they made the right decision in being with their current partner or not. It also gives them a safety net since they know that they would have a pool of potential dates to choose from once they break up with their current partner.

So, this gives them an extra intensive to be, at times, careless about investing a lot of their emotions, energy, and time in repairing a broken relationship.

The Success Rate of Long-Term Committed Relationships

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Perhaps the easiest way of judging the success of online dating is by taking a look at how many fruitful relationships it has generated over the years.

Back in 2013, a study conducted by the aforementioned Pew Research Center stated that only 11% of Americans had used a dating app, and a mere 3% responded that they have entered into a long-term committed relationship or marriage with someone they met online. When this study was repeated six years later in 2019, the number rose tremendously.

Almost half the respondents (48%) in the age group of 18-29-year-olds and around 55% of LGB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual) adults said that they had used an online dating app. Among them, a whopping 20% have entered into a long-term relationship with someone whom they met through an online platform. So, the numbers speak for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Online dating is still an extremely urbanized idea, and it needs to be tested more to conclude as to how feasible and fruitful it is. But, as of now, it is dominating the dating lifestyle of the city and suburban crowd.

Of course, reliability on the identity of the candidates still remains a major concern for many. Still, the recent initiatives by various dating apps on focusing on strengthening the security of its users have given some assurance to dating app users. Therefore, if things go well, the chances of catfishing or spamming through online dating will diminish, and more successful long-lasting relationships will come out of it.

Nonetheless, the effects and reach of online dating platforms can’t be ignored, and its ability to make dating possible for everyone is also commendable. So, it has achieved its success in that arena.

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