How to play FortCraft on PC?


We explain how to play FortCraft on PC. The Battle Royale for Android and iOS phones from NetEase, which can also be played on PC.
FortCraft is the Battle Royale for mobile phones more similar to Fortnite that you can find nowadays. It is from NetEase, developers of games like Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale or Knives Out, three titles inspired by PUBG that are among the most downloaded. Although seen the tug of Fortnite, FortCraft takes an important turn and is presented as one of the most promising Battle Royale for mobile.

It is very likely that you still do not have it in your country, the date of the global launch is not yet fixed. But of course you can already play, on your mobile or on your PC, since the apk already exists. We explain what you have to do next

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Advantages of playing FortCraft on PC

FortCraft is a Battle Royale and a shooter, in which you will compete against a lot of players for being the last survivor. But not only compete in skill, there is another element that plays a very important role and is the team you have. That is, if your mobile is a potato, do not expect to have many opportunities to get very far.

The normal thing is that the performance is much better in computer or PC than in mobile, and the normal thing is that more than one of your rivals is playing from the PC.

And to issues such as slowing down, lag or connection, let’s add that it is much better targeted with a mouse, and that using 10 fingers on the keyboard is obviously better than using two thumbs on the mobile. So if you see that you are not getting great results playing from your mobile or cell phone, give your PC a chance.

Steps to play FortCraft on PC

To play FortCraft on PC you need an emulator and maybe the APK.

When you arrive at the PlayStore in your country, access it from the emulator and download the game. In the meantime, you should download the apk to your computer or PC, and then install it in the emulator.

The next thing is to install the apk in the emulator, and in case you do not have one, we explain:

FortCraft – Emulator

Here you can see the best emulators for Android on PC currently. If you do not want to complicate your life, or have complicated it with so many options, we recommend you simply use BlueStacks or Nox.

You already have the emulator and the apk on your pc, so the next thing is to install the apk in the emulator. And with all this you could play, although you will soon discover that the controls are unconfigured.

In the link of the best emulators you can see several configuration tutorials. Basically you have to transform everything you would do with your thumb into keys and mouse. You may get stuck a bit, but with a tutorial you will know how to configure the keyboard in any emulator.

And that’s it, now you can play FortCraft for PC. We only give you one last recommendation, wear helmets. The sound is very important in any shooter.

Video: Play FortCraft on PC

In case you have not yet decided to download and play FortCraft on PC, here we leave you a gameplay:

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