Insomnia: The Ark Fuses BioShock and Fallout into a New Sci-fi Adventure

Insomnia: The Ark is an upcoming Action/RPG title that fans of BioShock and other atmospheric adventures might want to keep an eye on. 

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Developed by Mono Studio, Insomnia takes place in a futuristic metropolis known as Object 6. Players assume the role of an individual who has recently learned that they suffer from a rare psychological disorder. They must explore the darkest reaches of this futuristic planet in order to find a cure. 

As you might imagine, finding a cure is a bit more complicated than a simple trip to the local pharmacy. The path between the player’s start and their goal is filled with various types of enemies and other obstacles designed to prevent them from finding a cure. According to the game’s Steam page, those obstacles will be complicated by various “points of no return” in the game’s story. What that means is that there are certain choices you’ll make in the game’s story which cannot be undone. At present, it seems that players will not be notified when they have reached one of these points. You’ll just need to commit to your choices.

The good news is that you’ll be able to enjoy the game’s rich world no matter what choices you make. Insomnia‘s future is described as a noir society filled with dieselpunk influences. What civilization remains has been poorly constructed by colonists and survivors. A Jazz soundtrack provides the beat to your steps while neon signs beckon you to visit local diners. The whole thing reminds us of what might happen if you mixed Fallout and Cowboy Bebop. That is to say that it’s really cool. 

Insomnia‘s action remains a bit more mysterious. It looks like it will utilize a kind of third-person action system, but the complexity of the game’s narrative choices leads us to believe that there is probably a lot more to the duck and cover gameplay featured in the trailer that we just haven’t seen yet. Nevertheless, we’re going to have to wait and see regarding just how deep this game’s action is.

For the moment, though, it’s easy to recommend keeping up with this title by virtue of its world design alone. We should know much more about Insomnia as it nears its mysterious 2018 release date. 

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