It is growing a remake of ‘The Other facet’ with an all-new solid

Paramount photos is growing a remake of the movie in 1997, on The Other facet, directed by John Woo, the second advance of the Deadline.

It appears that the studio has plans to deliver out a remake of the film with a brand new solid, and the author’s 22-Jump-Street-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-Oren Uzziel, seems to have been requested to write down a script.

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If you have no idea, the film is kind of merely one of probably the most unusual of the 90’s, and it tells the story of FBI Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta), and a charismatic terrorist, Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) – enemies of lengthy standing, who, after a collection of occasions, every increasingly more outlandish, they find yourself with their faces swapped in a surgical means.

The result’s a movie the place Nicolas Cage spends portion of his time to appearing as John Travolta, and John Travolta appearing like Nicolas Cage. They weren’t revealed extra particulars concerning the story.

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