Jackbox Party Pack 5 Will See the Return of You Don’t Know Jack

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Over the years, Jackbox Games has become known for some of the most accessible – and hilariously entertaining – online enabled party games on the planet. These include such games as the lie-based Fibberish; the harrowingly cool Trivia Murder Party; and, of course, the answer-themed Quiplash.

But before these games – and the Jackbox Party Pack games in general – the company was known for its smarmy trivia releases in the You Don’t Know Jack series. The games have become quite popular over the years, with well-written – and outrageously funny – questions based around real facts and popular themes.

We haven’t seen Jack in a while, but, fortunately, he appears to be making a return. Jackbox Games have confirmed that the Jackbox Party Pack 5 is in the works, set to bring a number of new games and other favorites to the fold. But, as part of this line-up, we’re also getting back You Don’t Know Jack.

The trailer above gives you an idea of what to expect from the game, and though no gameplay footage is featured, it features the returning Cookie Masterson, the host of the ongoing series. That means he’ll continue reading questions like a pro, in which this new edition of the game will have many to choose from.

But what’s really cool here is how the new You Don’t Know Jack will be expanding the party. Along with content that will promise “more than one Frasier joke for some reason,” it will also have eight player support. In the past, the game only supported up to four, so this is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to being a party favorite.

The other games haven’t been revealed just yet, but the game is slated to arrive this fall, so we’ll likely see more details revealed in the months ahead. Here’s hoping that, while we’re on the topic of returning favorites, we see Quiplash 3 (or, at the very least, Quiplash 2 XL) join the ranks.

The game’s specific platforms haven’t been revealed just yet, but Jackbox Party Pack 5 is anticipated for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. We’ll find out more info soon!

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