Jaden Smith And Sofia Richie Spark BaeWatch Rumors After Getting Flirty At The Beach! (Photos)


Whew! We may have another entanglement on our hands Roommates! Gather round and catch this tea! Now usually, when a celebrity steps out with someone new. We usually think it’s going to be someone NEW, but this time around it seems Hollywood is a little smaller than we thought because Sofia Richie was spotted getting flirty with Jaden Smith the beach.

Sofia was spotted with Jaden fresh from her breakup with Scott Disick. Now let’s play connect the dots shall we? Sofia used to date Scott, which is Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and baby daddy! Little fun fact, Sofia is the younger sister of Nicole Richie who use to kick it with the Kardashians back in the day. So basically Nicole’s little sis was dating Kourtney’s baby daddy.


Moving on, before billionaire Kylie Jenner glo’d up, she used to kick it with Jaden Smith back in the day. The pair actually dated for quite some time, click to see a picture of them back in 2015 here.

Sofia is Scott’s ex and Jaden is Kylie’s ex. Obviously, Kylie’s relationship to Scott is he’s her pseudo brother-in-law! So in a very weird way, seems like their exes are kicking it. But WAIT, that’s not all. The real tea is back BACK in the day, Sofia and Jaden may have been a thing. Though there isn’t a lot of intel, they were rumored to date back in the day.

Let’s also not forget, Jaden Smith is very good friends with Justin Bieber who ALSO dated Sofia a few years ago. Whew! The whole thing just screams entanglement vibes!

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