James Cameron reveals his film’s “Guilty Pleasure”


The award-winning cinematographer and director of films such as Avatar or Terminator, but James Cameron has revealed in an interview that the original Resident Evil, the adaptation of the famous series of video game-to-film-in 2002, it is one of your favorite guilty pleasure” favorites.

In an interview with the Atlantic, the director, had you reviewed the film, Paul W. S. Anderson in the current years. “It’s one of my movie guilty-pleasure, which I think is very well done, it is the end of the game.”

Cameron continued by praising the performance of one of the actors from the original Resident Evil, anyone who later brought in as well as for the casting of the Avatar: “you See Michelle Rodriguez and that the film, on the move, as the creature’s ferocious, it’s incredible.”

Cameron was busy with the production of the sequels to Avatar, which is going to cost you a fortune, but he was forced to stop work because of a quarantine imposed on them by the pandemic, the COVID19. The next Avatar is expected to make his debut over the coming years, up to 2027.

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