John Boyega in talks for Attack The Block 2


Long before he embarked on an epic journey into space, John Boyega defended the land from an alien invasion in Attack the Block. The film was directed by Joe Cornish, who now wants to direct the sequel and has an actor for the project.

Speaking to the Script Apart podcast, the director revealed that he had ideas for a new film, having already met with Boyega to discuss the potential of the project. The desire to create a sequel is not new, but there was never a professional willingness to go ahead with the film. Without revealing many details, Cornish admits that the sequel will take into account what has changed in the world since the original film, released 9 years ago.

And it was precisely with Attack the Block that Cornish made his directorial debut and Boyega as an actor, playing Moses, a young leader of a gang of London teenagers. Surprised by an alien invasion, they will do anything to repel the creatures. The cast also includes names like Jodie Whittaker and Nick Frost.

Cornish also expressed pride in the public’s renewed interest in the film, following Boyega’s emotional speech, where he declared his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Ten years ago, Attack the Block already addressed issues of social and racial discrimination and had a black man as the protagonist. For the director, it is exciting to do a small part of this movement, which hopes to become something big.

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