Joker is on vacation, was seen from Jet Ski in New York


Superhero life is hard, to prove it we have the series of films that recently conquered cinema, from Marvel and DC, and where our favorite characters shed sweat and tears to keep the streets safe.

The point is that on second thought, the life of a hero is much simpler than that of a villain. The hero’s task is reactive, they respond to tragic events and malevolent plans, which are conceptualized and carried out by the villains. It is an exhausting task to spend your life planning robberies or simply conquering the world. Of course, villains need to rest eventually.

A villain deserves rest, especially when he has the dimension of Joker, the prince of crime, Batman’s archenemy and one of the most famous characters in DC comics. For now Gotham City seems to be safe, after Joker was discovered from Jet Ski, enjoying his free time off the coast of New York City.

“New York is a strange place. I think I saw the Joker in the water today, “said someone on Saturday (via Twitter).

The story is obviously an enormous joke. The man dressed as a Joker was identified as walking the waters of the eastern part of the river, and judging by his makeup, he seems to be inspired by the version of the villain played by Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The good mood of the “villain” is notorious, a story only possible during this summer phase and only in a city like New York.


Former resident of Azeroth, he moved to the real world to be able to write about the things that passionate him. Dreaming of being a super villain is suspected. You can follow him on @Darthyo.

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