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Making Sense Of The Timeline

Ju-On: Origins reveals that the first murders took place in 1952, but the series begins in 1988 when Haruka first experiences supernatural activity in her home and reaches out to Yasuo over it. In the same year, a girl named Kiyomi gets sexually abused by her classmates in the cursed house and becomes possessed as a result. She goes home with a fellow student, Yudai, only to pull him further into her deadly levels of manipulation.

After Kiyomi’s tragedy and possession, the timeline jumps forward to 1994 and Kiyomi is now a mother. Kiyomi remains possessed, but the rage that’s cursed her has also infected her husband, Katsuji. Their son, Toshiki, really suffers the most. Kiyomi and Katsuji both abandon Toshiki and hit rock bottom in different ways. They’re both haunted over their past, but Kiyomi goes on to kill Katsuji and is still lost in the pain of her rape from 1988.

A year later in 1995, another tragedy occurs between Keiichi Masaki and his wife, Chie. The curse causes Keiichi to reenact the events from 1952 and Keiichi murders his pregnant wife, only to remove her infant child and bury it at the site of the cursed house. Keiichi is told by the spirits that the baby “belongs” in that home since the Woman in White still wants to reclaim the child that she’s owed.

Ju-On: Origins concludes its story in 1997, when a new married couple moves into the home. The Woman in White is nearly able to claim the wife Tomoko’s child, but Yasuo and his team intercept in time. Finally, there’s also an important flashback to 1960, eight years after the original murders. Yasuo and his sister, Kazuha, move into the cursed house with their father. They’re subjected to the same horrors and the Woman in White takes Yazuha, their father dies, but Yasuo is spared. However, Yasuo’s brief encounter with the Woman in White implants the hint in him to bury Haruka’s audio recording, a clue that is echoed by Tetsuya’s psychic mother, Michiko. This information seems to present a major breakthrough towards ending this curse in 1997’s present timeline.

Who Is The Woman In White?

During the events of Ju-On: Origins there are many innocent people who succumb to supernatural forces and commit murder. It’s these people themselves that turn to such brutal acts rather than the ghosts that curse the house, but everyone sees visions of a very foreboding figure, the Woman in White. The Woman in White appears right before, and sometimes after, the murders that take place in the cursed house. She’s the one that drives everyone to commit murder and she’s obsessed with reclaiming the baby that she lost. The Woman in White is the original victim back from 1952 and while she’s typically a portent of doom, she actually appears to Yasuo in an attempt to help and warn him.

Why Is Yasuo Spared?

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