Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous – The Origins of Bumpy Revealed


The Ankylosaurus is filmmaker Colin Trevorrow’s favorite dinosaur. In retrospect that shouldn’t be a surprise considering the armored herbivore makes a major appearance in Jurassic World, both that creature and Trevorrow’s first Jurassic Park movie. But Trevorrow made his adoration for Ankylosaurus clear during a discussion about the new Netflix animated series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, earlier this week. Which, as it just so happens, features a baby Ankylosaurus that the kids in the show affectionately name Bumpy.

“We thought it’d be cool [for] a character like Ben to have this sort of bond and epiphany,” Kreamer told us about the origins of adding Bumpy to the series. “I think originally in [creator Zack Stentz’s] version, Bumpy was not an Ankylosaurus, but I think somewhere along the line, we stumbled upon the idea of ‘what if that was the herd that Bumpy was released into?’ The one that the Indominus attacked.”

Kreamer said this in reference to the Ankylosaurses’ big scene in 2015’s Jurasisc World. In that movie, two characters take a Gyrosphere outside of the tourist-friendly paddock that features, among other dinosaurs, Triceratops and Stegosauruses. Once in the wild, they stumble upon a herd of Ankylosauruses, who are then promptly attacked by the Indominus Rex, leaving a bloody trail in her wake.

“I think that was the connective tissue that we were looking at the time,” Kreamer continued, “and we just thought narratively that would be super-cool to come upon the Gyrosphere and the Ankylosaurus, and the aftermath of the attack, and here we’re back with Bumpy.”

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