Kash Doll Claps Back At Fans Who Continue To Question Her Age—“Stop Asking Cause I’m Running Out Of Ages”


Roommates, since she came on the scene, rapper Kash Doll has sparked intense speculation regarding her real age—and the situation just kicked up a notch. Over on social media, Kash Doll clapped back multiple times at fans who continue to insist that she is older than she claims to be.

A quick Google search shows that Kash Doll is listed as being born in Detroit on March 14, 1992, which would make her 28 years old.

However, many of her fans continue to believe that she appears to be much older than that—and she has repeatedly add fuel to the speculation by altering her age when directly asked by fans on social media.

She is apparently fed up with the constant questions and unloaded on fans on Twitter in a series of tweets:

“I say I’m a different age every other week and it always get ya’ll hyped up…[I’m 23.] Well stop asking cause I’m running out of ages. It gets me every time. I’m 26 b**ch.”

Previously, a fan discovered an alleged photo of Kash Doll at her prom, leaving fans attempting to guess the year the photo was taken, with many deciding it looked to be between the late 90s to the mid-2000s.

It’s clear by now that she has absolutely no plans to reveal her real age, and actually enjoys the consistent speculation and rumors.


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