Keanu Reeves comic arrives at Kickstarter


While BOOM! Studios prepares the launch of BRSRKR for October 7, an action comic co-written by Keanu Reeves, the publisher decided to launch a campaign on Kickstarter to boost the project.

This Kickstarter campaign allows interested parties to reserve the three exclusive boxes, each containing four books in the saga, which contains 12 editions in total. Obviously the more money you invest, the more exclusive your edition will be.

At the time of writing, the initial target of $ 50,000 had already been exceeded, close to $ 150,000. The publisher suggested that more goals will be revealed in the coming days.

BRSRKR is co-written by Reeves and Matt Kindt (XO Manowar, Mind MGMT), with art by Ron Garney (The Amazing Spider-Man, Conan the Barbarian), colors by Bill Crabtree (BPRD) and lyrics by Clem Robins (Hellboy) . Rafael Grampá (Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child) made some character designs and covers, along with Mark Brooks.

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