Kevin Feige exposes that Stan Lee really did not reach see Avengers: Endgame

Kevin Feige claimed that despite the fact that Lee have actually obtained a duplicate of the complete tale when he shot his cameo, the symbol of the comics he passed away prior to having the ability to see the complete flick.

According to the CBR, Feige participated in an AMA Reddit, and also an individual that passes the name of abuskeletor asked him just how much is that Stan Lee learnt about the tale of Avengers: Endgame, and also the tale of the comics did you see any type of variation of the movie prior to he passed away.

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“Stan loved to wait and see the movie in its premiere,” created Feige.

“So, unfortunately, didn’t get to see the completed film. Stan received a copy of the full story when he filmed his cameo in Endgame.”

Feige additionally verified that the bad guy of Iron Man, the Mandarin, will return to the UCM.

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