Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Trailer, News, and More

The highly anticipated third installment in the main Kingdom Hearts series has been in development since at least 2012. First announced at E3 2013, it’s been a long journey for this Disney-Final Fantasy mashup. There’s indication from Square Enix that Kingdom Hearts III will finally see the light of day in 2018, but only time will tell!

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Here’s everything we know about the game:

Kingdom Hearts 3 News

The latest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer showcases what is being referred to as Classic Kingdom. However, reports indicate that the Game and Watch footage included in the trailer doesn’t pertain to an entire kingdom, but rather a collection of classic minigames featured throughout the adventure. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date 

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

If you’ve been wondering who to blame for Kingdom Hearts 3‘s prolonged development cycle, Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura wants you to know that you should probably start with the executives at Square Enix.

“A lot of people have been mentioning and making it sound like ‘Oh, Nomura’s taking too much time,’” said Nomura in a surprisingly candidate interview with Gamespot. “There was a decision made to change to an external [engine]…Unreal Engine 4… So we switched over to that. Unfortunately, there was a bit of time that needed to be rewinded and started over. So there was a bit of a setback there, but it was a decision that the company had to make, so it was inevitable.”

Nomura also stated that Square Enix initially approved his requests for a certain number of staff members to work on the game, but that there were numerous delays in getting the game’s development team up to full strength as other projects in the company took priority. 

Just to remove any doubt about his role in the game’s delays, Nomura went on to say, “I wanted to emphasize that it wasn’t a problem on our development teams. It just happened that way, and there were some decisions that the company had to make, and it just didn’t work out for certain timings that we were hoping to hit. It’s kind of out of my hands. I mean, yes, time has passed. But it’s out of my hands.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

There’s a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and it introduces the world of Monsters Inc. to the series. Check it out below:

At the D3 Expo, it was confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released sometime in 2018. There’s still no word on an exact release date, but this does put an end to the thin hopes that the game might be out before the end of the year. 

Additionally, Disney showed off a brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel that confirms a world based on the Toy Story films will make an appearance sometime during Kingdom Hearts 3‘s campaign. Characters like Woody and Buzz will also make an appearance as party heroes during your time in this new world. 

Square Enix has dropped a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. Check it out below:

Jump Festa 2016 brought us the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Much like the game’s reveal trailer, the focus of this preview is on Kingdom Hearts 3‘s combat. Unlike the game’s reveal trailer, this latest footage gives us a better feel for how combat in the game will flow from initiation to conclusion. It even includes a brief hint at some exciting special abilities as well as how your surroundings will impact the flow of the battle. 

The Square Enix presentation at E3 2015 revealed a new gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer teases Rapunzel’s tower from Tangled and what looks like the streets of New Orleans from The Princess and the Frog. Check out the trailer below:

Here’s the very first trailer from E3 2013:

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots

It’s been a long time since we saw anything concrete from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. At Magic Monaco 2017, Square Enix revealed a new screenshot from the game that’s far from enough to satisfy our curiosity, but it’s at least something. Check it out below:

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