The re-writes of George R. R. Martin (4th part) – Sansa in Storm of Swords


We started Monday with another section of this special on re-writes of George R. R. Martin. We collect the differences between the chapters promotional and disclosed before the start of the book compared to the published finally in the novels.

Today is the turn of Sansa in Storm of Swords thanks to an article posted by Jen Snow on Reddit. Its first chapter appeared as a teaser of the next book at the end of Clash of Kings and see that it has interesting differences with the version that we will read in the third installment of a Song of ice and fire.

The first chapter of Sansa in Storm of Swords has his great encounter with Olenna Tyrell. It was released as a bonus at the end of the hard cover edition of Clash of Kings, 1999, and shows differences with the version that we will read in the novel that would be published a year later. We will designate with the CR version of the chapter that appeared in a promotional manner and YOU the definitive that we can read.

  • Sansa in CR is displayed “resentful” remembering how the Dog had saved the mutiny of ordinary people into a Clash of Kings, while shows no negative thoughts to remind YOU.
  • Janna Tyrell in CR is married to one of the “red apple” Fossoway while YOU are with the other branch of the family, with the green apple.
  • In CR Olenna says that the Florent are always “claiming” that Tyrell does not deserve to govern Altojardín, while YOU say that “lloriquean”.
  • Olenna mentions that also Aerion Llambrillante was attractive, but a monster. But in CE is called “Aerion Brightflame,” while in is “Aerion Brightfire”. It is curious to the change: Aerion is only called “Brightfire” in Storm of Swords, while in a Clash of Kings, the own Storm of Swords and the tales of Dunk and Egg is called “Brightflame”.

Next week we discuss it further, since the address of the next chapter, Cersei I of Feast of Crows, remember the influences of the timeshifting that never happened.

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