The re-writes of George R. R. Martin (8th part) – Jaime in Feast of Crows

Jerome Flynn as Bronn and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister. HBO.

We start new week with another entry of the force on re-writes of George R. R. Martin. We want to collect the differences between the chapters promotional and disclosed before the start of each book against the published finally in the novels.

Today we tackle the first few chapters of Jaime Lannister in a Feast for Crows, read at several conventions more than three years before the publication of the novel, and that, as was the case with Cersei, present interesting differences in the events that happen on the Landing of the King. What we will do thanks to an article of Zionus on Reddit.

The oldest accounts which we have of reading the first two chapters of Jaime in Feast of Crows dating back to January of 2002, although it is possible that the readings were even earlier. There are chapters that we know to be previously published, but we have only summaries of them, although quite full.

We must remember that George had announced months before that it had decided to dismiss the timeshifting after Storm of Swords. In addition, their problems for the large number of characters would end with the publication of some of them in Feast of Crows in 2005, and others in the Dance of Dragons in 2011.

We know only the first two chapters of Jaime Lannister before the publication of the book, but we can see that certain events have been altered. Since they are events that happened while with her sister-in-Landing of the King, are better understood by studying the differences that also rewrites the chapters of Cersei.

Jaime I of Feast of Crows

  • In the chapter read in 2002, Jaime recalls his anger at Tywin after the sacking King’s Landing at the end of the Rebellion of Robert while at the funeral of his father. He believed that there was no need for this cruelty. That memory is absent in the chapter published.
  • Do not appear in the 2002 version the flashbacks of the conversation with Rennifer Longwaters in which is mentioned the jailer Roar, that we know that is Varys.
  • In the vigil for Tywin, Jaime sees a woman hooded. In the version of 2002 is Joanna Lannister; while in the published book is Cersei and Jaime reunite with his mother in a dream, in his seventh chapter of the novel.

James II of Feast of Crows

  • The second chapter of James, read it in 2005 (recordemos, the book would be published ten months later), it is really particular. The first half is as we know, but with the timeline altered, as it takes place before that Tommen marry Margaery (as it happened with Cersei II).
  • The second half is even more curious, as it shows the events that would read in the third chapter of Cersei of the published novel, that is to say, the wedding of Tommen, with Margaery and the burning of the Tower of the Hand, but from the point of view of Jaime. Why GRRM in such a short time decided to change the “camera” which we are told these actions is a mystery, but that chapter from the eyes of Cersei is really cool.

Next week we will begin with Dance of Dragons, with which we will close this special rewrites. And will be the three heads of the dragon, Danerys, Jon and Tyrion, precisely those that we will analyze to see the differences between the chapters published in the fifth installment of a Song of ice and fire, and their chapters were read on occasions up to 9 years before the final publication of that novel.

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