The frames Are in the Winds of Winter – Video with Maglor


We bring you a new video with our friend and expert in the saga Dani/ Maglor. After the success of the previous about Winds of Winter, of the plots of the south of Westeros and theories of the saga today we Are. We reviewed the plot of Arya in Braavos, of Daenerys and her future in the novels, as well as the presence of Victarion Greyjoy, of the prophecies of Quaithe and Tyrion Lannister.

You already know that there are few experts on the a Song of ice and fire-speaking in Youtube who have created content the more wonderful that Dani/ Maglor. His Chronicles of the West are a veritable video encyclopedia on the history of Westeros and the characters more prominent in the work of George R. R. Martin.

The video is divided into two parts. In the first we review the plot of Arya in Braavos and then we travelled to Meereen and the Sea Dothraki to talk about Daenerys and her future in the novels. Also the presence of Victarion Greyjoy and his fleet of iron that will come up in the fervor of one of the two major battles from Winds of Winter.

In the second part, meanwhile, we debate about the seneschal scented (of the prophecy of Quaithe), the harpy, the possible stop of Daenerys in Volantis and the plot of Tyrion.

Without further ado, we leave you with two videos. I know you’ll love it if you are fans of the series and have theorized about Winds of Winter.

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