League of Legends Teases New Champion in MSI Video

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A League of Legends video released to hype esports fans up for this year’s Mid-Season Invitational appears to also give the first look at the game’s upcoming champion.

With all the champions, pro players, and epic battle scenes that were depicted in the MSI 2018 video, it’s easy to imagine that you might’ve missed the new champion teaser if you weren’t watching carefully. Showing champions like Bard, Kha’Zix, Janna, and more throughout the video, there was one champion lurking in the water around the 45-second mark in the video that looked a bit less familiar than the rest. The creature whose head and spiky shoulders were just above the water looked towards the other champions, and it definitely appears as though this could be the champ that was referenced in the recent Champion Roadmap.

For those who didn’t read the Champion Roadmap when it was posted, it’d be even easier to see this creature and dismiss it as some lore entity in the world of Runeterra. But with the subheader in the Roadmap that reads “Never Turn Your Back on the Sea” and the description below that accompanies it, the teaser makes much more sense.

(Photo: Riot Games)

“Let’s reset a bit and wade right into the next champion we’re adding to the list,” Riot Reav3 said in the Champion Roadmap for April. “We felt it was time to execute on a new support with a darker, deeper thematic than most of our support cast. We also wanted to create an aggressive playmaker, someone who doesn’t just save a drowning ally, but who forces their enemies to drown themselves… by their own hands. Keep your health high, your eyes to the sea, and pray you aren’t on the list.”

For now, the most that players have to go off of is the info provided in the Champion Roadmap and this latest video that appears to be teasing the next champ. There was some interesting wording in the description above though that might give an indication of what the new support champion will be capable of. These teasers often use specific wording to hint at abilities and powers, so the use of the phrase “let’s reset” is an interesting one. Several champions in the game already have a reset mechanic on abilities – Katarina and Cassiopeia come to mind – so we could be seeing a support with a similar effect.

No release timeframe has been given for the new support at this time, but look for more information from Riot Games leading up to its reveal.

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