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Having a pet is one of the most rewarding things. They can give you unconditional love and they will always bring joy and happiness in your life. Even though our furry friends are great companions, we need to take care of them properly. Grooming is one of the most important things when it comes to your dog because if you don’t do that, it can negatively affect their health and wellbeing. However, paying someone else to groom your pet may be a little expensive, so knowing how to do that on your own may be a smart thing to learn.

If you are interested in learning how to take care of your pet, how to cut their nails, give them a haircut, and how to clean their ears, you need to spend some time researching. Remember that the first time is going to be a bit challenging, especially if your puppy does not really want to take a bath, but once you read our tricks, it is going to be far easier for you. Follow our 2020 DIY guide and you will have no problem mastering the science of dog grooming.

Tips and tricks that will help you

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The first time you have to do this, it may seem scary and overwhelming both for you and for your puppy. Be patient and take breaks. You don’t want to overwhelm your dog and make it a traumatic experience for them.

Do the whole thing in a well-lit area that will allow you to see everything you are doing. Try to make a game out of it so your furry friend will see it as a fun activity, not something scary. When cutting your puppy’s hair, or when you trim their nails, you should always use the proper tools. If your dog has sensitive skin, or if they are prone to allergies, Kev’s Best suggests that it is better to take it to a professional groomer that will know how to take care of your pet and give it back nice and clean.

You should also tend to your puppy’s teeth and use different toys, or a special brush and toothpaste that will make sure your pet’s teeth won’t go bad.

Dog’s breed

The breed of your pet should be taken into consideration when it comes to the right type of maintenance. If your puppy has long hair, or if it is double-coated, you should proceed with caution.

You should brush their hair often because if you don’t do that, they can develop mats and notches that are pretty hard to detangle. If that happens, you will have to cut that hair off or spend many hours detangling it without hurting your pet.

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Nails and Ears

Don’t forget to cut their nails, but be really careful not to cut them too short. Experts say you should never use a clipper with a guard because it will restrict your view and you may accidentally hurt them. Instead, use your fingers to check and guide the nail clipper. When you are done with the nails, you should clean their ears as well. Forgetting this may lead to serious ear infections that can be hard (and expensive) to treat. Never get your dog’s ears wet while giving them a bath, and contact your vet about the right way to clean their ears.

There are some amazing tools that can help you groom your pet with ease, so don’t try to do things on your own, if there is already a tool or a gadget for that. These tools will save you a lot of time, and most of them are pretty inexpensive.


When bathing your puppy, you should not use a scented shampoo because it can easily irritate their skin or nose. You can use something for sensitive skin, like shampoo for babies, and if you want to make sure you are using the right product, you should invest in dog shampoo.

Another thing you should remember when giving your pet a bath is not to do it too frequently. It may damage their skin and cause rashes. Never bathe your puppy in the winter and if you have to do it, make sure the rooms are warm enough. Don’t let them out for more than 10-15 minutes at least a week after the bath.

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Things you should avoid

Just like there are things that you should do, there are some things that you should never do when it comes to successful dog grooming.

The first thing you should remember is to take your time and not rush things. Your puppy may be scared, they may do everything they can to run away and “save” themselves from getting a bath. You should not give up and use your regular tricks to get your furry friend to do things. Be nice and don’t yell at them because they are scared and don’t know what’s going to happen.

The whole process may take a little while, so you should not give up. Things are going to get easier with time and you will learn how to tame your pet.

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If your puppy has a hard time staying still while you are doing that, or if they start getting angry or upset, you should take a break and not risk crossing the limits. Sometimes you may get overwhelmed, so know when it is time to slow down. Don’t do all of the things at once, and give yourself one day to bathe them, one day to cut the nails, and one day to do the rest.

You should try and make it a habit of brushing your puppy’s hair and start doing that when they are very young. That way your pet will get used to that and will not make an issue out of the whole process.

Whatever you do, do it slowly and give yourself time to learn how to do it properly. However, if you notice that you are having too much trouble with it, you should call a vet or a grooming service. It is always better to rely on the help of the professionals than to risk hurting your furry best friend.

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