LEGO The Incredibles: All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 6: Screenslaver Showdown

Time to defeat Screenslaver and complete our collectibles adventure for the first half of LEGO The Incredibles. This guide leads to the big confrontation with Screenslaver, and completes The Incredibles 2 portion of the game. Next, we’ll dive right into The Incredibles 1. The level might be short, but finding all the minikits can be tricky. You’ll need to search the laundry room, the vents, and the engine room to get them all.

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The evil Screenslaver has taken control of Helen and Bob Parr, so it’s up to the kids to save the day. Jack-Jack, Violet and Dash team up to rescue their parents and stop Screenslaver’s evil plan.

The story doesn’t matter that much in Free Play, because you’ll be able to choose any of the heroes (or villains) you want. And you’ll need to! If you’re ever lost and don’t know which hero to choose, get close to an unfamiliar obstacle and wait for a circular icon to appear. When that appears, hold [Triangle / Y] to bring up the character select, and the correct heroes will be highlighted. That makes things way easier!

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All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 6: Screenslaver Showdown

There are 10 minikits in each story level. You can only find all 10 when replaying levels in Free Mode. Find all 10 to complete a minikit LEGO — usually a vehicle, but it can be anything!

To make collecting minikits easier, get the Pickup Detector Red Brick from the Urbem Heights Family Build. Use Flik to dig up the loose LEGO dirt and turn the crank to get the Red Brick cheat.

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  • Minikit #1: To the left of the laundry machines, use Screenslaver to mind-control the minifig through the glass. Smash the coat rack inside the room to collect the minikit.
  • Minikit #2: On the right, use a Sonic attack to break the glass LEGO door. Screech or Miguel will work.
  • Minikit #3: In the hallway where you need to avoid Voyd, look to the left for a silver LEGO object. Bomb it with Bomb Voyage (or any other explosives character) to get the minikit.
  • Minikit #4: Enter the vent to the left of Voyd and go left. Swap to a character that can illuminate the darkness to reach a hidden corner with a minikit.
  • Minikit #5: After escaping Voyd, go back to her hallway and use Jack-Jack on the Warp Wall. You’ll reach a room with a hidden minikit inside.
  • Minikit #6: Further right, past Voyd, you’ll reach a Tech Access terminal. Don’t use it yet! Instead, go into the foreground and drop down to find a rat maze. Swap to Linguini and send Ratatouille through the tiny labyrinth of pipes.
  • Minikit #7: In the burning kitchen, blast through the cracked LEGO wall in the back, then smash the LEGO objects to create a pile of wood. Set the wood on fire with any burning character (Fire Jack-Jack) to melt the ice and free the minikit in the freezer.
  • Minikit #8: In the boss arena, look right for a silver LEGO object. There are four in this section – one is in the back-left corner, one is on the right wall, and two are in the engine room you’ll enter later to stop the ship with Dash.
  • Minikit #9: In the foreground from the engine, find an investigation point. Interact with Russel to find the valve at the end of the path. Use the handle and place it on the door to the right. Turning it will open the bulkhead, allowing you to access the locked room with a minikit inside.
  • Minikit #10: On the left wall of the engine room, smash the LEGO objects to find a generator. Zap it with an electricity character (Helectrix) to unlock the container with the kit.

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