Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant Review: Timely Talker

For technology firms, it’s insufficient that several of us currently sleep with our smart devices beside us, after that reach to get our phones yet once again instantly after opening our eyes. They desire us to have as several touchpoints in our lives as feasible, a limitless number of methods which we could engage with their services and products. So currently they’re coming for our bedsides.

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Lenovo’s Smart Clock is one of a couple of instances of this, in addition to Google’s Home Hub, Amazon’s brand-new Echo Show 5, and also the two-year-old Echo Spot. All of these items are little sufficient to survive on a night table, simply inches where you lay your head in the evening. The firms state these little gadgets with displays can go anywhere; on a cooking area counter, in your house workplace. But they provide themselves especially well to the area that exists in between rest and also stumbling right into the shower each early morning. They reveal you your schedule, inform you the weather condition, play fragments of information, and also, oh yes, blare loud sounds right into your mind if that’s what obtains you entering the early morning.


The Lenovo Smart Clock is one of the most inexpensive of the number at $80. It’s likewise a lot more minimal than some of the others, however, especially the $129 Google Home Hub. One of my favored features of the Home Hub, which inhabited my night table till the Lenovo Smart Clock changed it recently, is that it cycles with my Google Photos. It’s a small function that provides remarkably huge stacks of joy, since I don’t understand about you, yet I usually fail to remember which treasures exist within the roll of virtually 10,000 images I have. But regardless of; the Lenovo Smart Clock won’t reveal images. (Perhaps we are asking excessive of our clever residence devices? It is, besides, a clock.)

Even though it doesn’t work as an electronic image structure, the Lenovo Smart Clock is still a well made, basic expression of Google Assistant in an alarm. It considers much less than an extra pound and also has a heather grey textile cover that softens what could or else be tough sides. The resulting visual alters dormitory, or possibly post-college West Elm. Its 4-inch touchscreen screen has obvious yet unobjectionable bezels and also 2 rubber foot strips under to provide it some hold. The just Lenovo branding on the important things resides in a textile tag sewed on the back.

Most especially, the Lenovo Smart Clock doesn’t have a cam. It does have 2 far-field microphones for listening to the “OK Google” wake expression and also the inquiries that follow it, and also those mics can be silenced with a physical switch. It likewise has a solitary, three-watt audio speaker for babbling back to you or for playing sound. But that do not have of a cam makes this a far more comforting bedside gadget than others in the group that do have electronic cameras, such as Amazon’s Echo Show and also Google’s Nest Hub Max.

Clock Out

Setting up the Lenovo Smart Clock was very easy, however, I was currently utilizing the Google Home smart device application to take care of various other gadgets. Lenovo claims the Google Home application is the just one you’ll require—it isn’t presenting its very own Lenovo Home application simply for the benefit of pressing individuals right into an additional application, which is an alleviation—and also Lenovo likewise asserts that it’s not gathering extra information from individuals past what is currently shown the Google Home application. (A Lenovo speaker claimed “none, zero,” when I inquired about this.)

Because it has Google Assistant integrated in, you can yell all of the usual commands at the clock and also the Assistant will certainly react. You can ask it for the weather condition while you’re selecting which coat to use in the early morning, and also it will certainly inform you. You can state, “Hey Google, what’s the latest news?” and also it will certainly react with sound from a solution like Reuters TELEVISION. You can ask it to play songs, and also it will certainly without a doubt do that music point, streaming from whichever solutions you have actually connected to your Google Home application—Spotify in my instance.

You can heckle it to establish the alarm system prior to you go to rest in the evening, probably one of the most helpful function of the clever clock. After some time, it will certainly begin to recommend this for you also. Our AIs, they wish to understand us. In the early morning, as soon as the alarm system goes off, you can state, “Hey Google, stop,” or if you’re not fast-moving, “Hey Google, snooze.”

If you’re a regimens kind of individual, you can establish a regular in the Google Home application to ensure that as soon as you whine to the gadget, “I’m up,” it will certainly inform you concerning the weather condition, your commute time, your schedule, and afterwards play songs. Bedtime regimens are likewise a choice. Right currently I have the Google Assistant readied to ask me what time I’d like to establish my alarm system for and also to begin playing calming nighttime noises after I inform it, “Goodnight.”

There are responsive controls on the Lenovo Smart Clock also. You can touch and also swipe your means with details cards on the screen, or swipe as much as readjust illumination or most likely to Settings. There are 2 physical quantity switches on the top of the gadget. And in the early morning, if you’re also dazed to also utter commands, you can simply slap the top of the clock to place it right into snooze setting.

About Face

The clock’s most noticeable constraints are shared around functions that relate to its dimension. Not just will it disappoint you images, yet it likewise doesn’t reveal video clips. There are some exemptions to this. When I swiped up on the display throughout a tune, it would certainly reveal cd art from Spotify. And since I have the Google Home application connected to my Nest cam in your home, the Lenovo Smart Clock would certainly reveal me an online stream from my Nest webcam when motivated.

Then once again, you could not wish to see prolonged video clips on an alarm anyhow. Its screen is little, and also its audio high quality at high quantities is simply ALRIGHT. It’s penalty as an alarm, which is what it’s made to be.

Another little peculiarity concerning the Lenovo Smart Clock is that it occasionally doesn’t go totally dark in the evening. Even in its darkest setting, in the darkest of spaces, there’s still the tip of an electronic clock on the screen. Lenovo claims lots of people desire some exposure of a clock; they have, besides, bought a clock. But after screwing up with setups and also attempting a collection of voice regulates, I still end up transforming the important things over and also positioning it deal with down in the evening. Sometimes, I such as to deceive myself right into thinking that technology is not all over I am.

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