Lil Baby Reportedly Files For Primary Physical Custody Of His Son Jason, Claims He Already Covers “All Expenses” After Ayesha Filed For Child Support


Roommates, it looks like the battle between Lil Baby and the mother of his eldest son, Ayesha, has transitioned from the ‘gram to the court room! Y’all have seen them going back and forth regarding financial obligations for their son, Jason, and it looks like Baby is fed up with the arguing.

According to TMZ, Lil Baby and Ayesha have exchanged some documents in court, both asking a judge to grant some requests in their honor. Apparently, Ayesha filed legal documents seeking a declaration of paternity and child support from Baby–claiming that he has a net worth of $4 million.

Baby fired back by filing some papers of his own, claiming that he already covers “all expenses for the care, support and maintenance” of their son. He also claims he sends regular support payments for Jason. Baby also wants to court to grant him primary physical custody, and joint legal custody of their son.

Ayesha claims that Baby has never wanted primary legal custody of Jason before and alleges that he is now asking “in a retaliatory fashion and in an attempt to punish, harass, threaten and intimidate.” She also notes that Jason has been in her primary custody since he was born.

As we previously reported, Lil Baby and his boo Jayda have gotten into it with Ayesha on the innanet on various occasions, especially after Baby gifted Jayda with a pretty new Birkin bag.

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