Link Tank: Star Wars Concept Art Released for The Rise of Skywalker Ending


These gorgeous new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ending idea artwork items will depart you breathless.

“New visions of the ending of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have finally been revealed. Concept art has become a huge part of the Star Wars conversation during the sequel trilogy thanks in large part to the gorgeous books by Phil Szostak.”

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From the Caterpillar Club to The Sons of Lee Marvin, listed here are some uncommon golf equipment that exist (for some purpose).

“Did you know there’s a club for people who have been ejected out of a plane, and an organization for people who are just … happy? Read on to find out about those clubs and more in this list adapted from The List Show on YouTube.”

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Marvel has confirmed that Star-Lord is bisexual and polyamorous in its latest situation of Guardians of the Galaxy, however what does that imply for the MCU’s model?

“Marvel has confirmed that Star-Lord is bisexual. In Guardians Of The Galaxy #9: I Shall Make You a Star-Lord by Al Ewing, the character is shown to be in a polyamorous relationship with a man and a woman and feels accepted and at home with them, which is lovely for Peter Quill as a character.”

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Facebook will begin reaching out to customers who’ve interacted with COVID-19 misinformation instantly in an try and curb its unfold.

“Facebook is reportedly cracking down harder on COVID-19 misinformation. The social network is notifying users who have liked, commented on, or shared a post that’s been removed for violating Facebook’s terms of service relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Then, in an effort to course correct, it will connect those folks with what the company deems trustworthy sources.”

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Songbird, Michael Bay’s pandemic thriller, is a tacky disappointment that maybe arrived too quickly.

‘Remember the good old days of fake news? Real news is worse.‘ Those words are spoken early on in Songbird, the Michael Bay-produced COVID-sploitation thriller and the ‘first film to shoot in L.A.’ since the beginning of the pandemic. The line arrives during the requisite doom-soaked montage of dystopian imagery, blurry news footage, and fired-up social media testimonials that often kick off tales of societal collapse.”

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If you’re an environmentally acutely aware shopper available in the market for a Christmas tree, right here’s a breakdown of whether or not you can purchase an actual tree, a plastic one, or a used plastic one.

“As Earth edges ever closer to climate calamity, the holiday season presents a new opportunity to take action and make a greener, cleaner choice when it comes to the center piece of many households: the Christmas tree.”

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