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July 19th, 2020   |   Updated on July 22nd, 2020

Channel management software is used to manage the online distribution channels so you can increase your sales. You can connect with users and thus maximize the sale you receive.

In most industries, channel management software is being used. This software helps you to check that all the channel agents know their job and are trained, can manage high volume in sales, accept the data from various places, etc.

The best channel management software can help you in seeing which sales channels can connect with loads of users and the support staff is able to help you out of any issues.

The data and statistics available as part of the software show you where you stand. These software are compatible with laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The channel management software may be used to achieve your sales goal, see the performance change, manage commissions of channel partners, and provide incentives to them.

1. Data Feed Watch

DataFeedWatch caters to all merchant that advertise on shopping channels. From small online stores to Enterprise retailers like adidas or ppc-agencies. All in one: one place to create, manage and optimize feeds across your entire client portfolio with sub-accounts for your staff and your customers. The Ultimate Feed: save time by creating universal feed rules that will work with any channel of your choice.

Review: Capterra

We solve ALL our marketing channel product data with DataFeedWatch and it is just amazing. Robust, super fast and one of the best support organizations I have ever worked with.


Switch’s in-built channel manager saves you time by automatically syncing inventory and room rates throughout your channels like:, Expedia, AirBnB and hundreds more. The intuitive calendar gives you an overview of all your bookings in one place.

Review: Capterra

We are small hostel and we don’t need many features to manage our property and we found switch doing everything the best way. It syncs our reservations from all other platforms like booking, hostelworld, agoda, hostelbookers, airbnb, and many others also your own website or directly from facebook page.

3. RMS Cloud PMS


RMS is a cloud-based property management solution for hotel, motel, RV park, campground and other outdoor hospitality businesses. Apart from its core property management features, the solution also offers channel management, a point of sale, centralized database and dynamic pricing capabilities. RMS Hospitality Cloud is capable of managing multiple properties via a single interface.

Review: Hoteltechreport

The setup can be a bit complex, especially with the Australian lingo, but once things are set up the system is very easy for staff and the features are robust. Overall it’s easily been the best system we’ve used.

4. Octorate


Cloud based channel manager brings all the online distribution channels in a single point of control effortlessly. With channel manager there is no need for manual updates anymore. It offers automated, real time updates on availability, prices and invoices.

Review: G2

I have found sub-leasing very easy through this. Especially for visitors mid-semester, it is easier to connect with them through this. I also like the google ads feature integrated into this software so that it is easier to give away the place. The starting price for new users is very reasonable and affordable, too.

5. Cloudbeds


Cloudbeds is a cloud-based hotel management solution suitable for small to midsize hotels, vacation rentals, hostels and B&Bs. Key features include front office management, central reservations, housekeeping management, online booking engine, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence and retail point of sale.

Review: Softwareadvice

From beginning to end, it was relatively easy. Stressful at times, until I fully understood. I actually prefer managing hands on the entire transition. That ensured I understood exactly how things work, and put it on me to complete the transition in a quality manner.

6. Smoobu


Smoobu is an online vacation rental solution designed to help businesses streamline processes related to reservations, communications, guest experience and more. It comes with a channel manager, which lets users connect the platform with third-party rental channels such as Airbnb, Agoda, Expedia or and automatically sync data such as minimum stay, prices and more.

Review: Capterra

It is really easy to use. No complications, no difficult to set up functionalities. The property web facility is a plus. The support team is really friendly, knowledgeable and listens to customers!

7. STAAH Channel Manager

STAAH Channel Manager

STAAH has been using cloud-based products to help accommodation providers around the world power their online growth. This cloud-based, real-time application is ideal for properties of all sizes.

Review: Capterra

“We couldn’t be happier with the whole service they offer and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an excellent channel manager.”

8. Banana Desk

Banana Desk

BananaDesk is a cloud-based property management platform designed for small to medium sized hostels, hotels and B&Bs. BananaDesk is best suited for small to medium sized independent properties that have recently opened or are looking to switch from Excel to a proper property management tool.

Review: G2

I like this app because it avoids the risk of encountering an overbooking and simplifies and reduces the work of the front office. This way you can manage your time in the best possible way. One of the satisfaction was to note the satisfaction of the customer himself. I’ve improved my business like never before.

9. eZee Centrix

eZee Centrix

eZee Centrix Hotel Channel Manager is an integrated solution for managing hundreds of OTA’s and GDS from single location. It also has direct interface with eZee Booking Engine and eZee Cloud PMS as well as eZee On-Premise PMS.

Review: Capterra

As an entrepreneur, I have evaluated the various suppliers and decided on eZee Technosys and are now working for around two years with their innovative products. Especially the seamless integration of Channel Manager, Property Management System and Booking Engine convinced me.

10. Primasellar


Primaseller Inventory management software is ideal for online and offline retailers. It provides inventory and order synchronization between all offline and online sales channels, along with features like a built-in POS, B2B eCommerce Portal, Purchase Planning, QuickBooks integration, shipper management, discounted USPS rates, etc.

Review: Softwareadvice

“The flexibility of the software really encompass the management of retail store and it is ability to integrate online store. It is very simply to comprehend and gives room for good report tracking.”

11. MyHotelLine PMS

MyHotelLine PMS

Streamline your all operations with Cloud-based Hotel PMS system Reservation, Check-ins, Check-outs, bookings, Cashiering, Room chart, Bill settlement, Payment processing with multiple Pay Mode and Increase Direct booking, Generate more Revenue and many more – everything at one place. Services: Hotel Software, Restaurant Software Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Revenue Management, Rate Shopper.

Review: Capterra

This is cloud based software it means that it runs over internet and hence there is big advantage of it that you can look after your property from anywhere in world. You can see that what happening in your property in current real time.



DJUBO is a cloud-based fully integrated hotel technology suite which offers operations, distribution, marketing, revenue management and intelligence solutions. DJUBO offers modules for property management, point of sale, channel management, booking engine, revenue management, rate shopping and reputation management.

Review: Softwareadvice

Djubo reduced our workload by 90% in updating rates and availability on various OTAs. Makes it easy to get reports and data, prompt notifications and reminders. Billing and POS solutions are also included in their package.

13. Guestly


Guesty’s software provides short-term property managers and management companies with an end-to-end solution to simplify the complex operational needs of short term rentals.

Review: G2

Guesty is great at integrating multiple online platforms. The inbox, multi-calendar and marketing features are super useful and easy to read when managing multiple properties. The automated procedures (messaging, pricing, etc.) , customizable tools, and shareable calendars are great features as well.

14. Rentlio


Cloud-based app tailor-made for vacation rentals, small hotels, hostels and hospitality property managers. Fast and reliable channel manager, property management system and booking engine with great user experience and beautiful user interface

Review: Capterra

In world of online channels like, expedia and airbnb Rentlio helps to be live on all them together. Its very easy to use, calendar is great. Helps us to reduce stress and to manage more properties than usally.

15. CultBooking


CultBooking is an online booking engine for apartments, hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, villas, hostels, and other accommodation providers. Designed to help users optimize conversions and enhance sales, the platform offers tools such as custom booking page creation and integration with PMSs and channel managers. Property managers can connect CultBooking with their business website to embed a custom booking button into the site and facilitate client self-service bookings.

Review: g2

2019 a year full of activities, CultBooking hotel booking engine and reservations software has been upgraded with new design by talented artist. Moreover, a team of senior developers are working on making continuous improvements and adding new features. The technology is robust and functions fast and easy. Give it a try and convince yourself.

16. AXISRooms ChannelManager

AXISRooms ChannelManager

The hotel management software that through one single click, allows you to refresh inventory and pricing in real time basis. Also, the Channel Manager is a cloud based application so you can access it anytime anywhere.

Review: Capterra

We are managing our OTA from AxisRooms as well as we have gets the GDS connectivity through this channel manager. It is very user friendly and cost effective solution that have the feature to integrate with the PMS system.

17. Hostaway


Hostaway is a cloud-based vacation rental solution that helps property managers advertise on various channels, manage bookings and process payments. It can also be accessed via native mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Review: Softwareadvice

We did several demos on different PMS companies. What I learned is that everyone offers something different. Hands down, Hostaway has been the best fit for our needs and the customer service is nothing short of top-notch. Highly recommend them!!!

18. Clock PMS


Clock PMS is a modern all-round hotel management system in the cloud. The system introduces a comprehensive web booking engine, channel manager, revenue and yield management, integrated restaurant POS, data API for export to third party hardware and software.

Review: Capterra

Clock needs to do a better job handling Credit Card transactions. When issuing refunds one has to manually enter the refund in clock and then manually enter the refund in authorize. net.

19. Beds24


Beds24 is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate the processes for booking and billing of hotels, inns, guest houses, cottages, hostels, campgrounds and more. Key features include built-in accounting, vacation rental, channel analytics, inventory control and activities booking.

Review: Softwareadvice

Looking for automation for a smaller, independently owned short term rental. For this purpose, Beds24 is overkill and more complicated than simply managing each channel independently. Wizards are simply pointing you to each set of dozens of options in settings.

20. Phobs


Customized booking engine for your website -Easily integrates on your existing website -Integrate multiple booking engines for more conversions -Supports all types of accommodation -Mobile and Desktop versions -Flexible accommodation inventory managment -Google analytics for marketing and campaign tracking – Multiple languages and currencies

Review: Capterra

This software is saving Sales department a lot of time, it is efficient, it is working properly, and in the end it doen’t cost a fortune.

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