Live action versions of video game characters


Last week we saw Tom Holland’s first sample as Nathan Drake in an image shared by Naughty Dog’s official Twitter account, which left fans of the Uncharted franchise excited about the character’s frankly reliable appearance, but at the same time cautious, considering the history of this type of adaptations for live action.

There is a long history of films and series about video games, which have achieved some success and acceptable box office results, supported by the popularity of their interactive counterpart, but ruinous critical receptions. Even fans who saw the first Mortal Kombat in the 90s will admit that this is, and let’s not escape the words, a bad movie. The same goes for adaptations like Street Fighter, which has Jean-Claude Van Damme as Guile, the Resident Evil series, which seems to be accepted by all but game fans, or the latest Assassin’s Creed, which missed a beautiful opportunity to join a capable argument, a top actor and a monstrous franchise.

Even fans will admit that this is, and let’s not escape the words, a bad movie.

The advantage is that with the growth of video games, more and more characters are achieving a close relationship with the audience, perhaps more than in any medium since they are one with their controller, they attract the great talents of Hollywood, who they give everything to offer a credible and respectful version with the original material they adapt. The most recent notables to embrace the challenge were Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher, and Tom Holland, who will then be Nathan Drake in Uncharted. For this purpose, we have prepared an image gallery that covers the history of the protagonists of the video game adaptations for Live Action, in the hope of being at the doors of a golden era for this type of projects.

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