Long runs? These foods give you the energy you need


To run you have to have energy and to have energy you have to eat … and well. Here are the foods that are allied to the long races.

The practice of physical exercise always requires a diet plan that is tailored to the needs of the athlete and the type of training performed frequently. In addition to the importance of being faithful to a careful and balanced diet, it is fundamental to look at food as the main fuels of the human body, with pre-workout snacks being one of the most important meals in athletes performance.

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In the case of runners, what is eaten throughout the day dictates how far and how fast the athlete can go and is therefore one of the factors with more weight in the ability to withstand long runs without the energy levels committed.

Although the dietary plan should vary from athlete to athlete, the truth is that the human body always resorts to sugars and fats as a source of energy, these being the macronutrients to be prescribed in a pre-workout and protein in a post-workout, seen have a ‘special’ power in recovering and building muscle.

According to El Confidencial, before a long race – such as a half marathon or even a marathon – the athlete can resort to a diet rich in carbohydrates within 48 hours before the race, with rice, the bread, the potatoes and the whole cereals the best allies. In this plan rich in hydrates should be excluded fried (not good to add to health) and citrus fruits raw vegetables, which may lead to a greater effort on the part of the body to digest them. The consumption of alcoholic beverages should be avoided to the maximum.

And because fat is also a source of energy par excellence, athletes should include avocados, nuts, fatty fish and even some red meat in their diet plan, although the latter’s consumption should be moderate.

In the moments that precede the long run, the ideal is to hydrate the body and give it an extra boost of energy, and banana can be an excellent ally, however, highlights the publication, when you eat more solid foods you should drink more water so that the body can absorb them more quickly.

Already after the long race, it is best to reset the levels of everything and anything else. That is, giving the body carbohydrates, fats and proteins from a single settling, either through yogurt with fruit or, for example, a chocolate milk.

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