“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” Star Moniece Slaughter Claps Back At Claims She’s Bleaching Her Skin—“I Have Zero Desire To Be White”


Roommates, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter is not here for being accused of bleaching her skin—and she took to social media to call out her haters. In a series of posts, Moniece repeatedly clapped back at those who continue to spread the belief that she has recently lightened her skin through bleaching practices.

Moniece Slaughter posted a video to her Instagram page, but all anyone seemed to focus on was whether or not she is actively bleaching her skin. When a commenter wrote, “Sis is bleaching her skin. Terribleeee,” Moniece promptly responded with “Never once in my life nor will I ever attempt to do so. Ya’ll gotta get over my god given color. And wasn’t a single filter on the ig live video either. Leave me alone.”

Another commenter inquired, “is that bleach? That’s horrible” and Moniece wrote back, “no it’s not dummy.” However, she definitely wasn’t done and later provided a very lengthy explanation in a separate post about her complexion.



She wrote the following message:

“Just woke up.
Haven’t even washed my face
ZERO filter of ANY sort.
1st pic: my chest that gets ZERO sunlight. Compared to my arms & hands. My chest is MY WINTER COLOR PERIOD GET OVER IT!!
So I’m going to bleach my face but not my lips. I’m going to bleach my face but not my chest, arms, hands, legs, & feet?

I don’t now and never have used kojic on my face. I go to @drsusan90210dermatology A BLACK dermatologist and use HER products geared towards ALL people of color. I also go to @glowskinenhancement also a BLACK dermatologist and use her products that are for people of COLOR I also go to @honeybunnyskincare who is also a WOMAN OF COLOR for my facials. I don’t use white dermatologist. I don’t let white people do my laser hair removal either. I have ZERO desire to be white. NONE. if I could hold on to my summer tans I would. Y’all see me on tv under lighting that is altered in post edit and tons of makeup down to my neck chest shoulders and arms. Literally. And swore that was my natural color. It’s flat out insulting. Not you. But those who INSIST THAT I BLEACH”

Welp, there you have it.



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