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When you think of wanting to remove wrinkles and look younger Botox comes to mind- but what does it really mean and what are some of the benefits of getting this treatment done?

Botox was first discovered in 1987 by Jean and Alastair Carruthers. It quickly became North America’s number one cosmetic procedure and a billion-dollar industry. Alastair had his Vancouver dermatology practice divided for cosmetic procedures and skin cancer. He shared his office with Jean who was an eye doctor who treated kids with disorders as well as adults with conditions such as eye spasms and uncontrollable blinking. These disorders were treated with a dilute solution injected into the skin called botulinum toxin which paralyzes the muscles temporarily. There was one day that one of Jean’s patients came in bothered because her forehead wasn’t being injected. Jean didn’t understand why her patient cared so much since nothing was wrong with her forehead and it wasn’t spasming. The patient had then mentioned how that injection made her wrinkles on her forehead go away.


That same night during dinner, Jean had mentioned the women’s reaction to Alastair. He had been frustrated because he could never find a solution on how to remove frown lines. What was available at that time were fillers that didn’t last long and that were painful. His wife, Jean, woke up the next day with an idea to talk their receptionist into being the first one to try the cosmetic use of botulinum toxin. There were no questions asked once Alastair saw the results. Their medical friends advised that injecting botulinum toxin was a crazy idea and that they’re not going to get anywhere with that when they presented their results in Orlando at the American Society for Dermatology in 1991.

However, hearing what their friends were saying did not stop them from conducting clinical trials. It was difficult for them to find patients that were willing to conduct these trials but as time passed, their audiences slowly grew. Botox began to really come to effect in 1993. Jean became a cosmetic surgeon and now she mostly focuses on neck and head procedures and treats very few ophthalmological patients. Alastair stopped treating patients with cancer and now does full-body liposuction and focuses on neck and head procedures with his wife as well.

Source: Reader’s Digest Canada

Botox is a drug that paralyzes or weakens muscle prepared from bacterial toxin botulin which is used medically to reduce wrinkles on the skin and can help with muscular conditions. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, then this method is the way to go. One of the greatest benefits of getting Botox is that you don’t have to go through having an entire procedure done on you. With just a few injections in about ten minutes, you will have smoother younger-looking skin which can not only enhance your appearance, but also act as a deterrent for future wrinkles and lines.

Injecting Botox to the skin keeps the signals blocked from the nerves to the muscles which allows your skin to soften and wrinkles to automatically relax. Most of the time Botox is used on facial parts such as frown lines, forehead area, and lines around the eyes but in reality, it can be used on any part of the body. Something to keep in mind though is sun exposure. Botox treatments will not be as effective if you have wrinkles that have been caused by being out in the sun or a lifetime of being outside whether or not you are fully covered by the shade. For younger-looking skin, it is vital to always wear sunscreen and protect yourself!

Source: Skin Care Newsletter

There are many benefits to Botox, and it can be utilized in different kinds of treatments. The most common treatment is for wrinkles. However, it’s also used to treat conditions such as excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), neck spasms (cervical dystonia), lazy eye, muscle contractures, chronic migraines, eye twitching, and an overactive bladder. If you are considering on getting Botox treatment done, it is very important that you do your research. You want to make sure that you get the right partitioner, one that has knowledge and experience and that is certified to perform the procedures you need.

Not only is it important to find the right specialist for you, but you also need to be honest with them and let them know of any allergies you might have and if you are taking any sleep aids, blood thinners, or muscle relaxants because various medications can cause you to have severe bruising. If that is the case, the doctor might refrain you from use of those medications for a few days if it’s possible that way you can heal safely and quickly.

Source: Vanguard Skin Specialists

I know you are probably thinking that Botox treatment can cause harm if not applied correctly or can be risky but believe it or not, it does do a lot of good. The main use of it is to remove wrinkles which keeps women and men looking young, feeling great, and can be a confidence booster. Botox strengthens facial muscles which helps with anyone that is having trouble with facial twitching or lazy eye. It can also strengthen the bladder for anyone who suffers from bladder leakage, urinary frequency, or prostate cancer. Botox also does a very well job in treating neck spasms and chronic migraines. If you suffer from excessive sweating which causes you to have bad odor and stains, Botox will definitely be very effective in treating this disease.

The most important benefit of all is that the effects of Botox look natural. After getting the procedure done, many of the patient’s friends and family notice how much better they look but can’t pinpoint what has changed. It is more preferred than cosmetic surgery because it’s simple, safe, and patients can return to their normal everyday life immediately after getting the procedure done. If you have certain muscular conditions, fine lines, and wrinkles, Botox can prevent those targeted muscles from contracting making you have smoother, younger, and healthier looking skin. Click here for more information.

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