Matt Barnes Responds To Kanye West Saying That He Is Running For President


Whew! Kanye West brought politics to the forefront when he announced that he is going to be running for president this year. Although it is not clear whether or not Ye was joking, the tweet has started a debate, which Matt Barnes had a lot to say about.

One of the things that has been in question about Kanye’s bid for the White House is his relationship with and support for Donald Trump. Matt Barnes took to Instagram to remind people about Ye’s stance on certain issues.

Matt reposted a tweet from DJ Hed, which speaks about voting celebrities into office, especially those who have never held public office before.

“If you wouldn’t hire a plumber to work on the electrical wiring in your house, why would you vote this way? America’s obsession with fame/celebrity is the endgame.”

Matt captioned the post with a message about Kanye saying:

“This is a dangerous game he’s playing. If this is serious, he will definitely divide the minority vote!! Just remember comments like “slavery was a choice” and how much buddy buddy he is with Trump! Much respect for the artist and his impact on fashion but this is a HUGE F*CK NO 4 PRESIDENT!”

While some celebrities are not here for Kanye in office, others, like Masika, are showing support for him! In fact, Masika says Kanye has her vote because he and Kim are more intelligent than y’all may think.

“I’m voting for Kanye period,” she said. “Kanye is way smarter than y’all think and Kim ain’t no dummy…pay attention.”

Would y’all vote for Kanye if he was running for president, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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