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When a committed couple is having trouble conceiving its first child, all too often the blame lies at the feet of the woman. Many people simply assume that there is something wrong with the woman when infertility is the issue. The couple may even spend time going to different doctors to have tests, blindly assuming that it is the woman’s fertility or physicality that needs serious attention. Of course, what must be understood is that, in many cases, the male may have problems too.

The Problems That Many Men Have

When it comes to conceiving a child, there is more to it than ensuring fertilisation takes place at the right time of the month. In fact, many men have fertility and libido problems that can make conception difficult. Some of these issues include:

Libido: Many men suffer from low levels of libido. Sex drive in men can be affected by being overweight, being stressed, and even being depressed or This can make the physical act of conceiving a child less likely.
Sperm production: Without the sperm, there is no fertilisation. The problem is that many men simply do not produce enough sperm per millilitre of semen to make conception likely.
Sperm shape and health: The other issue is that there will always be sperm that are simply not healthy or mobile enough to swim the distance required to fertilise the egg. This is not normally an issue unless sperm production is too low, in which case there will be less healthy sperm to do the work required to swim to the egg.
Clearly, there are many reasons why a man may be the problem when it comes to conceiving a child, but the good news is that Caruso’s fertility supplements can help.

Addressing Male Fertility and Libido

Every couple should understand that it is wise to have both partners tested for infertility or other problems. There is certainly no shame in doing so, and the man must accept that he is as integral to the baby making process as the woman is. Once this mantle of responsibility has been accepted by the man, certain things can be done to help improve sperm production, sperm health, and libido.

In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, it may also be a good idea to take a fertility supplement. The best of these supplements may help in the following ways:

Increasing the level of Zinc in semen so that sperm have plenty of nutrition for their long journey to the fallopian tubes and the egg
Increasing levels of antioxidants to help prevent damage to the delicate sperm and increase levels of healthy sperm
Potentially increasing a man’s level of libido to help when it comes to the process of making a baby
Making a baby is not always an easy task, even though we are often raised to think that anyone can do it. There is no shame in admitting that one has a problem as a man and even less shame in taking a good quality supplement to help.

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