Netflix with a third of the market in Portugal in Q3


As the world of streaming assaults people’s media consumption habits, new services arrive on the market, increasing the supply of content, but also complicating the task of choosing, not to mention the pressure exerted on the wallets.

These phenomena opened space for the emergence of aggregating platforms with JustWatch, which is essentially a search engine and streaming recommendations. From the user’s perspective it is useful to search for a series and find out where it is available in stream, how much it costs to watch it, whether for free or with advertising, etc.

It is simultaneously a way of gaining access to the consumption habits of people in different territories, including in Portugal, analyzing the trajectory of the different services and the popularity of the content they are receiving.

The Portuguese case is more balanced than you could imagine. By the end of the third quarter, that is, September 2020, Netflix accounted for roughly a third of the streaming market, at a time when competition is starting to get tighter than ever.

Amazon Prime and HBO Portugal complete the podium very close to each other, however, on September 15, Disney + arrived in our territory, which, as we can see from the graph below, measurement of development in the territory, has grown immensely since launch, driven by a strong launch catalog.

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